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    I run a gaming site, where the forums get a huge amount of spam. Posts from new users need to be approved before being viewable by the general public, and I’ve had so much spam from (wont say the country) that I ended up blocking any registrations where the email address ends with that country name. Perhaps a little drastic, but it is what it is.

    Apparently I’ve pissed off some of the spammers from there, so now they are directing their attention to the blog. I get a huge number of posts about who is dating who, where to buy this and that, and of course there are probably 50 links in each post.

    WordPress is set so that all comments must be approved, and it is also set so that you can NOT register to make an account. Again, perhaps a little rude also but.. I don’t want the hassle of forcing users to register in the forum software (phpBB) and then have to register again with WordPress.

    While all of this is not a “big deal”, it does require constant moderation and deletion of these posts just to get them out of the database. And that makes me wonder if there are tools either built into WP, or as a mod… where I can set up:

    1) if this poster uses this email address or
    2) if this poster uses this user name or
    3) if this poster puts in this link…

    Whereby after the post is saved (or preferably even before its saved) just kill the post and don’t even bother me about it. If it happens before the post is saved, make them *think* it was, but don’t actually tell them it wasn’t. And if it happens after, don’t let them know it was deleted.

    These are all the same “bunches” of posts, and every post comes from a different IP, so I can’t just block the IP.

    While I love the concept of blogs, and I love the open source side and deeply appreciate the efforts of those who take the time to make this, I am at a point where I might just as well kill the blog aspect because of the spam and the time I have to take to deal with it.

    I admit, I have not spent a lot of time looking in mods, because I find it overwhelming to to figure out where something is.


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