• I experience a lot of spam on my forms and this is going on for quite some time.
    Nonsence Russian reactions and more.
    Although I like Caldera forms, this bothers me.
    Why not Recaptcha ?

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  • Plugin Contributor christiechirinos


    Hi Ennovy, I’m sorry to hear about the form spam issues – I’ve seen this happen to my sites too and it’s super annoying. Our free version has a basic honeypot that tends to work for most of our users, but sometimes sites are targeted by more advanced bots and/or have less outside defenses (ex. on less secure hosting, without security plugins, etc). For those that need more, we have an advanced antispam filter within our Pro offering. There is also a recaptcha addon available for Caldera Forms here: https://calderaforms.com/doc/recaptcha-field/. If you want to try out any of these additional spam solutions on another Caldera Forms-powered solution and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly on WordPress Slack – my username is @christie.

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