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  • Hi Fabrizio please check the following URL.

    Thank you

    It appears spammers have found a hole or are exploiting something. All of a sudden, I am getting hammered with spam.
    Will try your Bad Behavior WordPress plugin

    Okay let us know how you go.


    I haven’t had a problem with spam in quite some time. I have WordFence installed and many of the WP security measures are in place.

    I recently switched from a Genesis theme to a free WP theme (TopShop). Then I started getting spam. Not sure if it’s related or a coincidence.

    I have now switched back to a Genesis theme. Along with WordFence, I have also added the Bad Behavior plugin and AVH First Defense. Also shut off Fast Secure Contact Form for at least 6 straight hours today. Turned back on and the spam is still coming from multiple IP’s all over the globe.

    Hi j2001rad you might have to start blocking some IP addresses.

    This plugin and all the other security plugins in WordPress can only help you prevent spam but no one can block spam 100% that is impossible. I have some security features set up in place on my website and I still receive spam from different parts of the World. However since I have been blocking IP addresses my spam is gradually been reduced substantianlly.

    I installed the plugin CleanTalk and it seems to help

    Hi that is good news. I am happy to hear you are using this plugin to help you with spam. If your issue is resolved can you mark this support thread as resolved.

    Thank you

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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