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    We have been receiving a large number (50+/day) of bogus $1 transactions through Braintree. The majority of them are failing, but some go into a pending or completed status. They coming from different IP adderesses and have different names. The email address is all some variation of the same [ Redacted, support is not offered via email, Skype, instant messenger, etc. ] and all have a city and state of Commack NY.

    I already have askemet turned on. Are there any others experiencing this? Any suggestions for making it stop?

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  • Hi There,

    We have had users having a similar issue, these are mostly fraudulent donors testing the stolen credit cards.

    Following the below has helped a lot of our users cutting down spam donors/donations:

    1) Install or activate the free Akismet plugin ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/akismet/ ). Then go to “Donations > Settings > Advanced” and ensure that our Akismet SPAM protection is enabled there and save changes ( You have already done this )
    2) If that still does not help, I would suggest you install and activate the forked version of the Stop signup plugin link: https://github.com/mathetos/Stop-Donor-Spam/archive/master.zip. This plugin is forked by Matt, our Head of Support to include the functionality to stop spam donors or donations along with spam sign-ups.
    3) Also increasing the minimum donation amount is a huge method of preventing these types of attacks. You can do this by going to any donations >> donation options >> Set the minimum amount to 25.

    To enable only a logged in user to donate go to any donation form >> Form display >> Set “Guest donations” to disabled and then set Registration to “Registration + Login”. This will require a user to log in or create an account for donation.

    If the above does not help, we have a custom snippet that will help you to add re-captcha to your donation forms.

    Here is the link to the custom snippet to add a recaptcha: https://github.com/WordImpress/Give-Snippet-Library/blob/master/form-customizations/implement-recaptcha.php

    If you need any help in adding a custom snippet to your website, you can check this detailed doc here for more help: https://givewp.com/documentation/resources/adding-custom-functions-to-your-wordpress-website/

    Please note that this code snippet is provided as an example of how you can extend Give with code. It’s up to you to implement and customize to your liking. We cannot provide support for custom code on your website, only the code that we create and distribute.

    Thank you! Have a good day 🙂

    Hi Maruti,

    I installed Matt’s Stop-Donor-Spam plugin, but I’m not seeing the link where I can add a spam donor to the list? In a previous version of GiveWP, it showed on the donor detail page as an option, but now, having re-installed Matt’s plugin, it’s not there.

    I followed your advise to increase minimum donations to $25, and that has helped, but we’re still getting some from Egypt, Peru and Brazil.
    Please advise. Thanks! Chris

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