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    What are U doing to prevent spam attacs. MT har one function when the user has to type in some letters to post, why not WP?

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    I have stopped using any plugins and have enlisted the aid of the WP 1.5beta comment blacklist. It works. I have listed in there common spam words, the munged “names” of the spam posters, entire URLs which are commonly found in my spam, and the two IP addresses that some bright soul figured out were probably responsible for most of the spam about at the moment. Its not a definitive list by any means, it’s a list which applies to the spammer who has been hitting my site through a series of zombies and ostensibly terminated accounts..

    However, for the first time in three weeks I have comment moderation switched off, and I feel like its *the* solution for the moment.

    I’ve had a number of problems with Spam Karma; it wiped the list of spam words I’d built up over a period of time and won’t let me receive notifications of legitimate comments. So now I’m going to try HashCash, but as a backup I would really like a good blacklist for WP’s built-in comments moderation, to replace the one I lost. Is there any way I can access the SK blacklist as a text file?

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    http://www.macmanx.com/wordpress/bad.txt (I’m obviously not responsible for the words on this list. However, it’s a pretty darn complete list.)

    yea, my site http://www.tophorsepower.com/blog just got hit with a buncha spam, i had to spend a while deleting everything. im still new to WP and testing it out before i move the blog to that ,main page, http://www.tophorsepower.com . as it is, i dont want spam all over my main page, which of these anti-spam systems works the best? on the spam-word lists, does it ever get a post wrong and block a legit comment?

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    Best ?
    Both Spaminator and Spam-Karma get good votes

    Odd results slipping through ? In a human vs machine situation, it’s bound to happen at some point.

    i got spammed for the first time the other day, if it happens more regularly i’ll have to put some kind of plug-in in… *sigh* spam is the scum of the Internet.

    I was getting up to 20 a day for online casinos. It never dawned on me that to post a comment was a way to get their sites externally linked, so when google indexed my site and found the casino link it would raise their rankings.

    But I installed Blacklist by Fahim Farook and it has officially stopped. I did have to tweak the code a little to delete the spam instead of holding it.

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