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  • I enter my post text, with all the line breaks and spaces between paragraphs and photos that I want, and it looks right in the editing window, but then when I publish or preview, all the line breaks are gone and everything is all close together. I’ve tried shift-enter for them too, still doesn’t work. Help!

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  • I’m sure that would be very helpful to someone who knows what they are doing…unfortunately, I don’t. I’m completely new at this. Could you explain all that a little bit more?
    Thank you for your reply!

    The stock editor strips some formatting out both in the Visual Mode and HTML mode ( 2 tabs on the top right hand corner of the editor) as you have found out – sore point with many users. But there are some work arounds.

    Click on the HTML tab and paste in the code below where you want a line feed. HTML will look strange.

    <br class="blank" />

    This will give you a hard line feed (like hitting return but this will stay). Repeat until you have the right number of lines inserted. Yes there is some switching back and forth between Visual and HTML view.

    My suggestion is to make a Test post. Put a few characters as lines (I use “zz”) and make a half dozen lines down the post. Then switch to HTML view and paste in the above code, when you switch back to Visual view you will have a line feed where the code is.

    Hope this helps

    wow that works amazingly well, and super easy, thank you so much!



    Salidude thanks so much fo rthe shortcut, this had been driving me nuts…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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