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    Hi metaphorcreations

    I setup my ticker 2 weeks ago – everything looking good in IE/Chrome/FF and Chrome on the iPad.

    Just had a report back that the text is overlapping in Safari, so installed Safari for windows, and sure enough I saw the error too. The different lines of ticker text were overlapping.

    Managed to tweak the setting to get it to display OK.

    My old settings were –
    – Tick dimensions – W 0px H 20px
    – Tick spacing – 50px

    This worked well on all browsers except Safari – text overlap.

    So these are my new settings which now display OK on Safari too –
    – Tick dimensions – W 500px H 20px
    – Tick spacing – 0px

    I preferred the equal spacing that I had originally, but this is an acceptable workaround.

    One thing I just thought of, if you try to recreate this error – all my lines of text have some bold highlights at the end like this :

    Number of Pages in the Book = <b>500</b>

    So maybe this was affecting things in Safari ?

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    I’m not seeing the issue on my sites in Safari. I wonder if it’s stemming from a CSS style applied somewhere at a low level. Can you setup a link to a page where the issue is visible for me to check out?

    Thanks for your quick reply, Joe.
    Sure – I setup a test page here –

    Experimenting some more, I’m seeing some strange symptoms !

    Overlapping text in Safari
    – on the test-page above, the top ticker shows the overlapping problem, the footer ticker is OK (my settings ‘fix’, as above.
    – problem only in Safari (latest 5.1.7) for Windows (Chrome & Firefox display both tickers OK). Happens on Safari/mac too, apparently.
    – intermittent problem – keep ticker running and it might ‘correct’ itself after a few revolutions
    – happens in footer area and page area
    – can see it displaying OK in 1 tab, but overlapping in another at the same time

    Graphical glitch of final character
    – sometimes, the final character in 1 block of ticker text leaves a ‘trail’ behind it (not just Safari, but Chrome too)

    Deleting a ticker doesn’t remove it !
    I saw this mentioned on another post, and thought it very weird – but just experienced it myself.
    On the test-page, I have [ditty_news_ticker id="3638"] in the page area, but this ticker is in the Trash ! Clicking on ‘Empty Trash’ gives me the error : Invalid post type.

    Sorry for all the problems, but hope this helps with your troubleshooting. I’ve been quite methodical – I don’t *think* I’ve done anything stupid ! I’ll check my email alerts regularly, and reply back to you as soon as I can.

    Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    Thanks for all the feedback and testing. I am seeing the overlapping error on Safari (5.7) on PC.. but, the only way I can see that browser is using Browserstack so it’s hard to problem solve. I have looked at it in Safari (6.0.2) on my Mac and didn’t see any overlapping, though, maybe 5.7 has issues on both mac and PC.

    I think I need to sit down and re-work my ticker script a bit, so it may take a few days to get an update out that fixes the issue.

    I’ll also update to fix the deleted ticker issue. You’ll still have to manually remove any shortcodes of deleted tickers, but I’ll be able to fix the issue of displaying tickers in the trash.

    Hi Joe – sorry to sound pedantic, but Safari for Windows seems to be 5.1.7 (not 5.7) – if the problem only appears here (on mac & pc), maybe it’s not worth spending too much time over ?

    Do you see the glitch with the trailing character ?

    And yes – with any plugin we would delete the shortcode from the page, but that’s easy to troubleshoot as we would actually see the code in the page if it referred to a deleted ticker # (or inactive plugin).

    Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    Ok, yes I saw the trailing character as well. Thanks again for letting me know these issues. I did see the overlapping happen so I think it is something for me to troubleshoot and fix. I’m guessing you’re not the only one who is seeing that issue.

    Would you mind letting me know how the updated version works once I rework it? If you have quick access to Safari on Windows?

    sure – no problem – I’m running windows anyway

    Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    Just letting you know that I’m still planning on getting to this. I have been slammed with work the past week so I’ve had to put it on the back burner for a little while.

    Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    I’m pretty sure I fixed the overlapping issue in Safari. Check it out when you update and let me know if you still have that issue.

    great, thanks Joe – will check it out soon.

    It’s all looking good at my end ! 🙂

    I reset my parameters back to the style that was showing the ‘overlapping’ error in Safari, and the problem is no longer there.

    Also – no signs now of the ‘trailing’ character intermittent glitch.

    Keep up the great work.

    Plugin Author metaphorcreations


    Sweet! Thanks for letting me know.

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