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  • In WordPress 2.7 I have a situation where if I write a page and save it, then do nothing except update it again, wordpress visual editor (or wordpress, not sure of the culprit) keeps adding spaces between the paragraphs and items. It makes it impossible to maintain the site without the content drifting further and further apart!

    Furthermore, paragraph tags and linebreaks are not shown in the HTML editor. Any clues to this unusual behaviour would be most welcome!

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  • Just adding to this. If I select, from the PAGES section, a page and click EDIT, the page opens with the HTML editor open showing paragraph tags, but if I click the Visual Editor tab, and then the HTML tab, then they are gone.

    I guess I’m seeing this because I’m copying code from an old site in HTML, then switching to the Visual Editor. It shouldn’t mess with the code like that!

    I’ve done some browser testing and the problem with paragraph tags not being displayed is the same in IE6, IE7, Firefox Mac and Safari Mac. I guess the solution is not to switch between Visual and HTML editors.

    I’m still not sure why it’s adding spaces though!

    You might have a look at the TinyMCE Advanced plug-in:

    It has an option within it’s settings to keep the paragraph and line-break tags from being removed when saving and to show them in the HTML editor; otherwise, it’s normal behavior for it to remove them from the HTML editor tab. It also adds many other nice features to the editor.

    It shouldn’t be adding extra spaces and lines; however.

    Thanks – I’ll check it out.

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