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  • Hello,

    1 – How to change the size of the text next to the stars?
    I’m struggling to change )the size of the text. I can change the size of the star in the settings of your great plugin, but when trying to reduce or increase the size of the text in WordPress, it does not work.

    2 – How to increase the space between the stars and the corresponding text?
    Also, how to define/increase the space between the start and the text

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  • Plugin Author Chasil


    Hi masterhealerwp,

    1) The size of the text is defined within the stylesheet of your wordpress theme. I will try to add another option to change output text size.

    2) Currently there is no option to add a spacing between the stars and it has to be managed by changing the stars template image. I also will try to add an option to change the spacing.

    I will do my best to update the plugin this week but I can’t promise.


    Thread Starter masterhealerwp



    Thans so much for your reactive response. Your plugin is great. You too seem like a great guy 😉

    Let me clarify a few things.

    1) For the size of the text, I managed to change it from the CSS as you said, but I’m not a coder. What if I need to have 3 different sizes of text on the same page/post? I don’t know how to do that.

    2) Regarding the space, I was mentioning the space between the star and the text.
    As you can see on this page, there is much space between:
    – the text/word “Corps & Manche :”
    – and the first star.

    When adding [usrlist “Pizza :3” “Ice Cream :3.5” “Chicken :4.5” “Apple :4.5″ text=”false”] to my page, the text and the star are very close to each other.

    3) Another thing: I would be happy to get rid of this sign “:” from the final display. Not sure how, since it seems to break the shortcode.

    4) Now regarding being able to change the space between the stars, this is not my priority need compared to point 1), 2) and 3) but that would be nice indeed. For this, I think you could get a good idea about the ideal functionality in this video of Elementor. But I don’t want Elementor to be on my site to make it bloated. I like the way your plugin is lean and easy to use.

    5) Another feature that would be so useful is the possibility to add the star in the side bar like on this site.

    So that’s big YES YES YES YES… and YES for you to add those options to it. It would be amazing.

    Thank you again for your great work!

    Plugin Author Chasil



    I will try to answer your questions as good as I can.

    1) I more or less finished the code for text size changes. I am still working on a bit but am pretty sure I can release a new version the next few days. This will give you the opportunity to change just the USR related text.

    2) I checked the page and the behaviour also comes from another stylesheet. There is a definition for tables to have 100% width which makes the USR List expand. You could add this to your main css file:

    table.usrlist {
    width: auto;

    That should bring the stars near to the text.

    3) Do you want “:” not to be shown on your page within the USR List? You can’t delete it from the shortcode because it is not meant as what to show on the page but as a separator between what you rate and its rating. If you don’t want to show it I would have to change some more on the code but don’t currently know if this would be a feature request which is useful enough.

    4) This isn’t implemented yet but I am pretty sure I will add this soon. The elementor video is impressive. I guess I’d have to be way more active to have something on that level 😉

    5) I will keep that in mind. The Universal Star Rating core should work in every segment of wordpress where shortcodes are allowed. I think I’d have to wrap it in some kind of widget. If I’ll have some more time to spend in future…

    Thread Starter masterhealerwp



    1) Great.

    2) Please note that I do NOT want the stars to be near the text. I want to ADD MORE space between the stars and the text. How can I do that? This is actually the main issue I have to create my layout, like on the page I mentionned. Compared to this page, your plugin on my own page make the star and the text much closer. How do I add more space?

    4) + 5) Nice. Number 5) is a must-have for most bloggers.
    Look at the table and stars on this page and you will understand why the sign “:” is completely useless in some context.

    Keep up the great work.

    Plugin Author Chasil


    I recently updated to version 2.1.0 which now comes with settings to change the text size. Maybe I add an option to deactivate the colon.

    The blank space between the stars and the text can only be changed by editing the style sheet of USR or your theme. This maybe could help:
    table.usrlist td:first-child { padding-right: 50px; }

    Thread Starter masterhealerwp


    I just updated your plugin. You’re not working for nothing 😉 And it makes it even better and more resilient for the future.

    Yes please, offer an option to deactivate the colon.

    Thanks so much for doing your best to help me with the code snippets to inject in my CSS. You’re really a great person. I will do my best with it and will let you know in case I do not succeed. Feel free to tell me if you need any help.

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