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  • I am new to the whole HTML thing, but have learned a few basics from a site online. I’m using the theme “Professional-Blog 1.3” by Bingo Web Design and I can’t seem to ever get a space between paragraphs. I have no idea if this is s WordPress thing or the formatting of the theme I am using. The paragraph will start anew when I use the appropriate html code:
    (“<p>”), but I can’t get any space between the paragraphs for a more professional look. I even try using two or three “p” tags to no avail. Can somebody help me?

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  • you have to define it in the CSS..
    please post the URL of the blog….

    @ krembo99

    Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with CSS formatting. But I AM a quick study and follow directions fairly easily. tell me what to do.

    I have exactly the opposite problem concerning it.
    How to sometimes avoid the space between paragraphs.


    .postContent P
    	margin-top: 1.3em; /**or any other value you want**/

    also, your css has numerous problems that make the browsers render incorrectly.

    Fix this :
    Line 109

    border-radius:3px; (DELETE)

    Line 200

    position:relatvie; /**Change to relative

    line 242

    Delete “}

    you have some more … but start with those

    @rmerey When you write a post go to HTML tab and look for that paragraph that you want no space and add this:

    <p style="margin:0;padding:0;">
       Your text should be here...


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    Switching back & forth between the Visual Editor and the HTML tab isn’t a good idea. The switching itself can seriously mess up your post’s formatting.

    @ krembo99
    I haven’t a CLUE as to where and what you are talking about. Could you possibly include the MISSING details of your tutorial.

    @krembo99 Okay, I changed a couple of things — hopefully I did them right. There are no line numbers to follow Thus, I had to look for groupings of data that matched what you mentioned. I didn’t know where to delete the “}”
    Still nothing changed.

    @ krembo99 Okay, I think I found the out of place, extra “}” and deleted it.


    did you add

    .postContent p
    	margin-top: 1.3em; /**or any other value you want**/

    to your css file?

    That should give your paragraphs more spacing.(Make sure the “p” in .postContent p is lowercase as krembo99 typed it in uppercase.)

    you still have the error on line 242

    Delete “}”

    Thanks for all the help, guys — especially krembo99 and miocene22. I finally got the results I sought. krembo99 – I think I removed the “}” from line 242, but I didn’t count (and as I said, the lines aren’t numbered in my editor). But I really thank you for you kindness. I learned the limited html at my disposal from W3 Schools and I haven’t yet availed myself of any of their css tutorials. At some point, I will, but I appreciate your patience. Fell free to tell me about any other errors that you see. Peace!

    line 362


    should be


    Line 483


    should be


    Line 536
    same exact error as 483


    should be


    Line 552


    Does not exist,

    it should be


    Krembo, I am having the same problem with the Journalist theme! Started today… any new post does not include any spacing between paragraphs, no matter how many times I hit the Return key…:-( Would love some of your expertise as well!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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