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  • I have been using Atahualpa for several years, and just upgraded to Atahualpa 3.7.13.
    I cannot discover how to do two things with Atahualpa Theme Optioss:

    (1) Currently the Header/Logo has a white space (band) above it. How do I “raise” the Header/Logo area to the top of the screen, so that the Header Image begins at the top of the screen?

    (2) Some themes have a “fixed” (static location) Header/Logo at the top, and sidebar columns (available via Widgets in Atahualpa) that remain in a fixed position on-screen, yet allow the reader to scroll-down in the main center “Body” of text — while the Header and the Side Columns remain on-screen.
    Is it possible to set Atahualpa 3.7.13 so that the Header & Columns remain on-screen while scrolling down-screen in the Body?

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  • BTW — The URL of the webpage is

    > <

    I might add:
    IF the feature described in Q2 (above) is NOT available with Atahualpa 3.7.13, is there a similar Thems that mixes fixed portions with scrollable “body” text?

    It looks like you solved #1.

    For #2, try adding this to your Ataualpa Theme Options > Various Content Items > Add HTML/CSS Inserts > CSS Inserts:

    div#header {
       position: fixed;
       top: 0;
    div#wrapper {
       margin-top: 178px;
    td#right-inner {
       right: 0;

    The first rule fixes (or sets) the position of your header to the top of the browser. The second rule pushes the main content down so it’s not hidden by the header. The last rule fixes the position of the sidebar.

    The problem that you’ll find, though, is that the sidebar is going to hide your content on smaller viewports, like mobile phones, even without the above modifications. You can see what I mean by narrowing the width of your browser. That’s because Atahualpa is a fixed width layout using tables, and it’s very hard, if not impossible, to make a table layout “responsive” (i.e., change the layout depending upon the width of the viewport).

    Since it looks like you’re just getting started with this particular site, you may want to try the Montezuma theme, which was created by the same developer as Atahualpa. It was designed from the beginning to be responsive. There is a bit of a learning curve to the theme, though. Like Atahualpa, it is very customizable, but instead of using option pages, you’ll have to learn how to modify what are called virtual templates and virtual CSS files. To get a feel for how customizable the theme is, take a look at the sites in the Showing Off thread in the BytesForAll forum. You can also do things like fixing the header to the top of the browser in Montezuma as well, it’s just a matter of using a similar type of CSS rule that I posted above (you should basically be able to do the same thing with just about any theme).

    Thanks for the help!

    Interestingly, all the quick-response suggestions I’d gotten over on the BFA Forum were things I’d already tried. The BFA/Atahualpa moderator said there was no top-of-screen white band showing on his systems, yet it was there on my systems (Win7 & Win8.1) in all 3 browsers (Firefox/Chrome/IE). Curiously, after I gave up on removing the white band on my own laptops (??), it just disappeared later as I went through my saved Posts/Pages/Links. I’m guessing there was some random bit of code that affected my display; the white band hasn’t returned, so I’m happy with not knowing the “why” of it all!

    As for Issue #2:
    Thanks, CrouchingBruin, for the cautions about possible display problems on smaller-format devices. Though I occasionally use my Dell 8″ Win8 tablet, I do not use a smartphone — so I hadn’t thought of the possible small-display problems.

    I decided to first address that in Atahualpa, hoping I could defer the whole re-design/relearning challenges of moving it all to Montezuma. By trimming the setup to a single narrower sidebar (Right-Inner), and reformatting the main/”center” content column as wide as readability permits, I think I have found a compromise version of the Atahualpa original that looks and reads fine across the range from 17″ widescreen laptop to iPhone.
    Again, thanks for the heads-up.

    Once alerted to the display issues on the smaller-format devices, I have decided to hold off on the static-header tweaks. The content-text is the driving purpose of the whole webpage; a static header appears to take away too much display area to make that nifty feature practical.

    So I’ll keep a copy of the CSS code you so kindly provided, and play with it a bit after I get the content-part of up to speed.

    Thanks again!

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