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  • maria291978


    Hola ,me han echo una pagina para hotel con word prees ,pero en donde pone contacta con nosotros si dejo un mensaje ,nunca llega a ninguna parte .
    Entonces me gastaría conocer mas sobre Word press para poder acceder ,así como trabajar en ello yo misma. Un saludo y muchas gracias de antemano.

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  • threadi


    If a form in a web page does not send an email, it may be due to several reasons. The most likely is that the receiving server considers the email to be spam and therefore rejects it. You can work around this for example with an SMTP plugin like

    It also depends on the form plugin that is used. Both topics have little to do with WordPress as software because WordPress does not provide forms. They are provided by plugins. If you know which form plugin is used, contact its support if necessary.

    Since you have not posted a link, it is not possible to help you more precisely.

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