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    Resolved. Simple enough but this will CONTINUE to be a hassle until either the old feature is re-implemented or something similar. For those with the same issue you just have to manually paste the vertical align. If you are having this issue, when you view your code on the edit page you should see something like this:
    <td style=”width: 350px; text-align: center;”><a href=”http://www. ..(ect ect)

    you need but duplicate this:
    <td style=”width: 350px; text-align: center;” valign=”top”><a href=”http://www. ..(ect ect)

    If it’s not working properly please be sure that you don’t have mutiple “” around your changes (or any other redundant symbols/letters).

    to the developers, the above fix is temporarily simple IN COMPARISON to the alternative (no option once so ever to vertical align) but is still not a SOLUTION. Please implement a SOLUTION.

    In addition, I’d like to know why my previous was closed? As the fact that it even was closed is ludicrous. Wasn’t even up for 20 minutes. How are people supposed to receive support on a SUPPORT FORUM when they get closed by a Mod before any review/feedback? Was it something I said? Too much reason perhaps.

    This was EXTREMELY simple with the prior version. It has come to my attention that MANY individuals such as myself are more than displeased with this update. I hope the developers heed the feedback. WordPress has such great potential and ingenuity. This update is a significant set back. I do enjoy the more simplistic layout of the edit pages, however, what is the point of a simple visual when the ACTIONS are now more time consuming/complex? The key to progression is to ADD NOT SUBTRACT. If the features were kept the same and the visual layout improved this may have actually been able to be referred to as an UPDATE. As it stands now to the general public this appears to be more of an outdate or downgrade.

    So the feedback is out of the way, now is anyone able to inform me on how to set align top within a cell using this brand spankin’ new back pedal wordpress? :END ORIGINAL POST.

    Now your welcome to close it as fast as you wish. I’ve said all I’ve had to say.

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