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  • For a whopping great $160/yr…

    • “Error retrieving Subscription data” straight out of the box
    • Refers to fields no longer available in v5.2.X WordPress
    • Terrible CSS integration (front & back ends)
    • No tracking services
    • Developer is no longer maintaining it

    Such a shame… WordPress needs more Australian options.

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  • Hi there,
    Just few calcification:
    1. Are you a real user? What exactly costs $160 and where did you see that? The plugin has always costed only $99 and for the service and number of couriers etc that provides is a bargain in my opinion.
    2. Error retrieving subscription data out of the box. A bit more info would be more helpful than just make a statement like that. Did you contacted anybody?
    3. Terrible css – it just integrates straight into woocommerce and whatever you setup there it just fits in if you know a bit of css. At the backend is just simple straight forward without any fancy useless things. that keeps the load very light.
    4. Developer no longer maintaining it. That shows that you have not even tried to find out a bit more about the plugin. If you have bothered to read a bit more i.e. the only previous negative review then you would have understood what is currently happening. Just read it and you will understand.

    By the way I have been using the plugin myself previous in zencart and then in woo for myself and for my clients and they all love it. Any problem was always resolved and hopefully wth the changes that are happening will continue.

    It is your right to leave a negative comment but at least make it real. Talk to people first, ask for help and then after knowing all the facts if you are still not happy then comment.

    Just my thoughts.

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    @tassos I’m not a bot if that’s what you mean. All your questions can be answered by visiting the website

    Which is equally as unattractive as the plugin I might add.

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    Also… look at the support thread here. It’s been a year since the developer attended to it.

    Additionally, according to WordPress
    Last Updated: 12 months ago
    Untested with your version of WordPress

    I’m not sure who I was supposed to ask questions to or what else you think I should have read, but for $160/yr subscription I expect “some” effort from the developer to maintain the product/service.

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    And lastly, while my review may seem callous given the circumstances, I’m not in a financial position to purchase something that doesn’t work. I dare say I’m not the only Australian in this unfortunate predicament – nor will I be the last.

    It is awfully kind of the developer’s wife to continue the service for existing customers, but it is equally unkind to pass this plugin off as “worth its value” to NEW customers knowing full well it is out of date and possibly may never be revived in the future.

    I hope a new developer does pick it up and continues the project because, as I said, WordPress needs more Australian options. But I also hope the next person doesn’t sacrifice a meal once fortnight thinking this plugin will help their struggling online business only to find it doesn’t even work.

    If they’re smart and want to continue raking in a premium price the next developer will read the reviews and try to provide a premium plugin.

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