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  • Hi!

    I have used the SoundCloud short code plugin on the site, and it works great! Thanks so much for implementing that =)

    The trouble I have, though, is the embedded player does not display on the iPhone 5, or the iPad 2.

    I’m hoping someone has a solution, or knows why, because that would be helpful!
    For now, I’m going to simply include the link to for mobile users.

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  • if you read the plugin info they say….

    When posting the standard SoundCloud embed code, the plugin tries to use the new HTML5 player, but falls back to the Flash Player for legacy URL formats.

    So, i guess you’re using legacy URL formats, so plugin uses flash instead of HTML5, apple hand devices (iPad, iPad mini and iPhone) aren’t compatible with adobe flash technology. But are compatible with HTML5 (HTML5 includes tags for video and audio playing)

    i’m not sure about what is a “legacy URL format”… I guess they change something or… no idea… Must investigate

    Hope it be usefull to you

    Thanks! I did a little digging and found a solution for what is happening.

    Essentially, if the link used is the link, then Flash will be used by default.

    However! There is an option in the share section of a song on that is for WordPress specifically.


    What option exactly are you talking about, I have the same problem and I want it to work!!

    The option I use is available if you login into your SoundCloud account, click your avatar on the home page in the upper right, select “Your Sounds,” then choose the sound you want to share. Each sound has a “Share” option, as a button.

    You ought to have lots of different formats available! I can send a screen shot if you have trouble finding it, though this forum doesn’t allow photo posts. Perhaps a PM (Private Message)?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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