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  • adam hagen


    Alright guys i need some help. After two very frusterating days i’ve came to this forum with my tail in between my legs. I’m starting an events blog through wordpress, but would like to use dreamweaver cs6 for edits to my theme. I have sat through hours of tutorials and read close to 100 pages on the subject, but my lack of code knowledge i feel is getting in the way.

    So far this is what I’ve done:
    -set up the site on wordpress
    -edit site as much as the theme parament would let me
    -established a website in dreamweaver
    -synched dreamweaver with my host server
    -downloaded files into dreamweaver

    I have also set up a local testing site using MAMP, however, i can not get the hang of this. Every time i get everything working how it should, I’m only seeing the default theme within the localhost. What i mean by that, is on my site i have put in a logo and background image that does not show up in the localhost.

    So after abandoning the localhost i switched my attention to the index.php file that is in my root directory of my remote site. I have edited the style.css and have everything looking the way i want it in dreamweaver, however I’m not sure how to upload it to my wordpress site. When i type in the URL to my none of my changes are there. Even when i copy the style.css in dreamweaver, then paste the changes in the wordpress editor.

    I’m not sure where to go from here please help!!

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  • learn ftp. u need to know login, password, and ftp address. u need to add that info into dreamweaver. ask your host for ftp info.

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