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    how can I sort my products?
    I have nit products, but listet Hotels and romms. I thougt I ca manage this with pruduct catalogue, but it seems that this is not possible.

    On the page:

    Zimmer in Achkarren

    you can see 4 Hotels. The first one should appear at the end. How can I reach that?

    I have chosen the option sort by prize. You can see the price behind the listing. There is no sorting.

    Why is the price displayed when I have set the option “Show prize with “no”?

    How can I reach a sorting of my products???


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  • Hi

    I don’t think this is possible yet, i asked for this feature a long time ago but no progress yet.

    What i asked for is that the products can be dragged&dropped around in the backend and that the order on the frontend is like the order in the backend (the next&previous products should be honored of course when using “automatic next&previous mode”).



    Wenn du auf der Seite den Header verstecken willst, mit dem man die Layouts ändern kann, kannst du folgendes CSS verwenden:

    /* hide the layout changing option*/
    .prod-cat-header-div {
    display: none;}

    Ich weiß aber nicht ob das gewünscht ist, ich hab mir die Seite nur mal angesehen 🙂

    It would be already helpful when

    1. I could order the prudcts by prize
    2. the price ist not displayed

    Both options are in the settings of the product catalogue but they ere not working.

    Danke, das könnte interessant sein. Wobei ich noch nicht sicher bin, ob ich bei dem Tool bleiben werde. Scheint mir nicht gerade ausgereift, obwohl es ja einige tolle Dinge hat.

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    Hi Rolch,

    The option you mentioned for displaying the price is called “Display Product Page Price”. It only controls the display of the price on the product page. In most instances, if someone doesn’t want to display prices anywhere, then they just won’t set prices for the products. If you leave the price field blank, then it will also show blank on the front end. That being said, my understanding is that you want to sort by price, but not show the price. In that case, if you wanted to hide the price in the catalog view, you can make use of custom CSS to do so. Something like:

    .prod-cat-price {
    display: none;

    This will hide it from all three catalog views (thumbnail, detail, list).

    Also, the sort-by-price functionality does indeed work. Two things:

    1. You don’t have the sidebar visible for your catalog. So, there’s no way for someone to actually choose that option and sort it.

    2. You mention that you have the options selected. Are you talking about the “Product Sorting” setting in the “Premium” area of the “Options” tab? That’s the one that controls what sorting options are available to those visiting your site.


    thank you for your information.

    “You don’t have the sidebar visible for your catalog. So, there’s no way for someone to actually choose that option and sort it.”

    I don’t want the visitors to sort the catalog. I want to define the sorting. What is the default way of sorting the catalog (name, product ID or random ?)?

    Is there a shortcode to set a certain sorting?

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    Hi Rolch,

    No shortcode is needed for sorting. You can simply go to Options > Premium > Product Sorting and sort it by either Price and Name, Price, Name or None. Since you would want it sorted by price, simply set the option to “Price”.



    this is exactly the point: I have set the produdt sorting by price.

    But when you take a look to you will see that the products are not sorted by price.

    Thank you für ypur help.

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    Hi Rolch,

    We apologize for the misunderstanding. That option displays the sorting types within the “Sort by” dropdown menu. The “Sort By” option allows more freedom for your customers to sort your hotels by ascending or descending prices. Perhaps, you may reconsider its display on your website.

    Else, additional coding on your end would be required to get to the desired result.

    Best regards,

    which additional coding do you mean? Ich would be happy if you could help me further. I should have a possibility to pre-sort my products.

    The customers don`t have to sort the listing. When I am more familiar with this module I will find some additional information, to give the visitors more possibilities.

    But at the moment it would be enough to pre-sort the product list.
    Even better than any sorting would be to display the poducts by random. this would be great (for my purpos).

    Do you see any chance how I can realize this?

    Kind regards

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    Hi Rolch,

    If you go the “Catalogues” tab and click on your catalog, it will display all the products in your catalog. You can then use our built-in drag and drop functionality to arrange the products into whatever starting order you desire.

    I too would like to have a presort applied.
    Moving the products around like you suggest is not practical if
    1) there are 100’s of products
    2) changing characteristics of products (like prices in his example)

    Anyway, my point is that Rolch’s request is not the only one.

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    Hi Tom,

    Within the last few months, we’ve added the ability to sort items within a catalogue Alphabetically (A-Z) or Reverse Alphabetically (Z-A).

    To do this:
    1) Update to the newest version of UPCP (if you haven’t already).
    2) Edit your catalogue.
    3) Scroll down to the box in the bottom right that contains the list of products added to your catalogue.
    4) Underneath that box, you should see the two new “Sort Items…” buttons.

    Thanks very much for email reply.

    I upgraded to current version.

    I went in to sort catalog as you indicated, I can see the sort a-z, z-a
    but the option does not work.
    I do not want to reload all 300+ products.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks again for great support. (Though release notes would be appreciated.)

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    If you look at the changelog for version 4.1.11, you’ll see:

    Added in the ability to sort all catalogue items alphabetically (and reverse alphabetically)

    What do you mean the option does not work? What happens? If you go to the “Catalogues” tab and click on your catalogue, you’ll see a table with all the items in your catalogue and a button under that table that says “Sort Items Alphabetically (A-Z)”. If you click that button, it should immediately change the order of all the items in the table to alphabetical. If nothing happens when you click the button, then it sounds like there could be a JavaScript conflict (e.g. with another plugin, etc.). Have a look at the developer console to see if there are any errors.

    Yesterday, the sort options appeared, but just in text (not clickable and not with a solid blue background)

    Today, they appeared as you suggested.
    Probably just a temporary problem on our seerver.

    Sorry for the bother.
    It works as you indicated.

    Thanks very much,
    Tom Robinson

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