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  • Hi,

    is there a method available to sort links manually? Is there a plugin able to do that? What I have in mind is similar to page sorting by applying numbers to each page-ID.

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  • Hi best friend! 🙂

    yep, there is a plugin for that which you seek. Category Order is available on this page >

    You can control the order, add spaces, and even next them.

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    Hi manstraw,

    thanks for the suggestion 😉

    Ahemm… I’m puzzled…

    How could ordering categories order links on the links page? Are links actually “posts in a category” with WP?

    Oh, I’m an idiot. I misread your request. I thought it meant category links, not actual links. Sorry about that. 🙂

    Um, I’ll look for an alternative for what you *actually* want.

    I wonder if the built in order can serve your needs. You can order them by Rating, and then set the rating for each one. You only get values from 1 to 10 though.

    Hi Manstraw,

    Since you mentioned link categories, and I’ve been waiting for a reply in another topic I made, can I ask you about the following?

    I’ve recently changed to a new theme. Managed to make things work except the blogroll.

    My blogroll contains links that are categorized. In the previous theme I used, this was the code in the sidebar php file:

    <?php if ( is_home() ) { get_links_list(); } ?>

    It successfully displays the links under the corresponding categories.

    Now, I can’t make the link category names appear that way as it only shows all the links under one category name.

    Any suggestions how can I work around this one?

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    Hi manstraw,

    yes that’s the problem, that this will only sort 10 links.

    I found a plugin, but it requires changing the core files, and I never install such plugins. It’s too much hassle later.

    I’m astonished that no one else has ever wanted to sort links manually. I’m no coder, but links do have an ID, don’t they? So it shouldn’t be that difficult, que no?

    Oops, category links and link categories don’t mean the same thing :-p

    lhk, I generally never have that many links, so sorting them isn’t much of a problem. When I have had a large number of links, I’ve build a page for them and formatted them up in the order I want. Perhaps others prefer to do that as well instead of having a long list of links in the sidebar. Just speculating as to why others haven’t wanted this as much as you.

    You can sort links by ID. But I guess you can’t easily change the ID? Or can you? I haven’t looked.

    rastamad. I’m not sure atm. I’ve never done much with links. Perhaps there was more to the theme than just that bit of code.

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    Hi manstraw,

    the links aren’t in the sidebar for that site, they are in an own page. And I like to use the links administration because clients can easily use that, but not so easily add them via html.

    sounds like a good way to do it. if I find out about something that will suit you, I’ll pass it along.

    The same thing with me – I want to sort the links by moving categories higher or lower manually. The only thing I saw to date is renaming the categories and using the standard alphabetical order which is a very bad thing although you can find a new peculiar way of naming them. That’s awful, anyway, but so far I did not find another answer to my problem.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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