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  • I am new to the whole blog thing and this is the first time I am using Word Press. For all you guys who get all over people who dont think word press is easy, go learn to hit a curveball at 85 mph and then tell me what’s easy.

    I am using the CoolRecession theme, and I only have a basic knowledge of xhtml. I have been able to make some cosmetic changes to my website by trial and error, but I need to figure out how to order the links in the sidebar. I have given the links ratings but they still sort on the site in alphabetical order. Can someone tell me in relative English what I need to do to get the links to sort by rating on the blog page?



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  • Which links are you talking about sorting? Does that Theme host WordPress Widgets? Are you using them to sort out your “links”?

    If you are, then go to Design > Widgets and you can click and drag your sidebar widgets around (choose which sidebar you want to work on) and put them in any order you would like.

    If you want to change the order of a specific set of links in your sidebar, such as your blog post categories, changing them from alphabetical to some other order, then that would involve customizing that template tag. If you are unfamiliar with template tags, see Stepping Into Templates and Tag Templates for tips and help on using them.

    Other than that, I’m not sure what you want to do here.

    This widget solves this problem:

    It works with WordPress 2.7. I just installed it and it works great. Installation instructions are slightly confusing, but otherwise everything works as promised.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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