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  1. john10001
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    I have read a couple of previous posts on this but nobody seemed to have suggested a solution/hack.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to sort the links you have for the Word Press site by Category, and then by Rating?

    For example on my site I have a few different categories e.g. Headlines, Newspapers, Blogroll, Links, Radio etc.

    I would like all these different categories listed in the sidebar, and then the contents of those categories listed underneath in order of rating.

    At the moment it just lists all the links in one mass ascending lump without the categories. See here: http://tinyurl.com/8go2e

    The Word Press system uses MySQL right? So there must be a way of finding out whereabouts the different categories and their contents are stored and then coming up with some code along the lines of:

    $database = "whatever";
    $query_links = "SELECT categories, links FROM tbl_whatever ORDER BY rating DES";

    I'm not that brilliant with coding, so if you can offer any help I'd appreciate it.



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