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    Hi from Germany,

    first of all: Nice plugin, easy to use and versatile enough to handle different data sources. I created my own shortcode that calls your plugin’s shortcode, So I could set the data dynamically via database.

    However, it would be nice, if you could incorporate a setting into the shortcode regarding the sorting of the table. Currently you sort the table with the highest percentual dataset on top. But sometimes it makes sense, that the output of the table follows the data=”key1=value1,key2=value2″ structure.

    An actual example: I dynamically populate the pie chart with the age of my users. In that case it would be nice, if the output would be like: First row 0 to 9 years X users, second row 10 to 19 years Y users, regardless of the percents.

    I hope I could explain that well enough. Thanks for the effort you put into this plugin, hoping for an update, because this plugin is very useful for me!

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    I found another little issue:

    in the file goo-pie-chart.php on line 273 is the following code:$table = '<div style="float:left; width:300px; ">';

    Any idea how to get this dynamic? The description table is a bit too small on my big screen. Any advice is appreciated!

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    Hi @sixtyseven,
    Very sorry for outdated reply, but I was a bit busy these months. Highest value issue is already in my todo list, tnx to mr Tom, so I will fix it in next upgrade.

    For styling your table you can use your custom class for table, as described at bottom of this page: Test Preview: Animated Pie Chart (plugin)

    So, basically you can make it as you found fit via CSS rules of your class, selectors etc.

    For the record, plugin is fully compatible with wp v.4.7.3 (I personally tested) so you can use it with your latest WP CORE version.

    Also, next update will contain new option for custom CSS class of at whole container.

    Thank you for your patience, since I’m eager to continue upgrading this plugin.

    Plugin Author Gunar


    Please check last update (v1.1.5)

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