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  1. albeonie
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    I'm using Word Press in a content management sort of way and have two master categories for my posts: articles and press. Then, I have multiple sub categories in each.

    For instance:

    --Website design
    --Search Engine Optimization

    I'd like to have visitors click on an "Articles" link (category 2) and then have the resulting page display all of the articles available, sorted by subcategory.

    I created a template for category 2, but the default seems to be to list every article available in that category by date posted, not by subcategory, and I can't figure out how to sort them differently.

    I created separate files for each category (as if each was a header or a footer) and then included them into the category 2 template page. That didn't work at all (though the result looked rather fascinating).

    Ideally, the Articles category page would spit out like this and, of course, update automatically as I add new subcategories and new articles:

    Website design
    Article 1
    Article 2

    Article 1
    Article 2
    Article 3

    Article 1

    Many, many thanks!

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