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  • Hi there! This is a great plugin, and I appreciate the work you put into it!

    Quick question: I only have two subsites on my multsite installation ( and I would like to have the posts from both of them display in the widget on the root site ( by date in order from most recent to oldest. For some reason, the posts from the /nl/ subsite always display at the end of the list, rather than finding their way into the list according to their date. This way, posts from that blog are almost never on the home page (unless I randomize the posts).

    Widget Settings:
    – Sort by Date = Yes
    – Sort by Blog ID = No
    – Sorting Order = Newest to Oldest

    Any ideas? Most appreciated!

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  • Plugin Author Jose Luis SAYAGO


    Hello Alan,

    Sorry for the late response, sort by date parameter was added specially to solve this kind of issues, you can check one of my websites where I’m using it:, however, it seems it isn’t working as expected. I’m adding this to my issues tracker.

    Just in case, this is the shortcode I’m using on

    [nlposts titleonly=false

    We have the same problem, it won’t work, if we change the publish date of the post.

    Maybe it has something to do with field you use to sort the posts with?

    Please help 🙂

    Plugin Author Jose Luis SAYAGO


    Hi, there’s an undocumented parameter which could help you solve this issue: use_pub_date when set to TRUE it will pick publication date instead of update date. Network Latest Posts picks update date by default so every time a post is updated it’ll be put on top of the list. To use set the parameter like this:

    [nlposts ...other parameters... use_pub_date=true]

    I hope this helps.


    Hi Jose,

    I couldn’t get the use_pub_date parameter to work and I couldn’t find any reference of it in the code. Was this functionality removed?


    Plugin Author Jose Luis SAYAGO


    Hello @rchan, sorry for the late response. The use_pub_date and honor_sticky are two parameters provided as a patch which haven’t been added to this version just yet. I’m currently working on the next major release (v4.0) which has been delayed due to a really busy schedule.

    However, if you want to test, I’ve uploaded the patched version here: Network Latest Posts v3.5.5 (unreleased patch), just download the file and replace the current one in /wp-content/plugins/nlposts/. Then you can use it like this:

    [nlposts ..other parameters... use_pub_date=true]

    I’ll do my best to finish the next version as soon as possible. Until then, please try with this one instead. Thank you for your patience and for hanging there.

    Best regards,
    José SAYAGO.

    Thanks Jose! For some reason replacing the entire patched version prevented the site to load so I had to revert back to the old script and add in your use_pub_date coding and it worked like a charm!

    Thanks again for the great support!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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