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  • Hi,
    I’m trying to get this work but all I get is the code displayed. Can’t figure out where the fault is.
    Thanks for any advice on that

    I’m looking to use nicer archives, but I want the URL for the monthly pages to display like thus:
    I’ve got clean uri’s enabled, but I think I need another entry in .htaccess for the /myblog/?m=200407 style uri that the monthly header of narchives points to. Any clues?

    I used the zip file that was posted but when I sort by date it only shows one month. If I click around a bit once in a while it will show two months. If I list by category it lists all posts though so I don’t really see whats wrong =\

    No, just change the link output for narchives to output the link you want. I changed mine to:
    $output .= ‘<br/><br/> href="'.$siteurl.'/'.$blogfilename.'archives/'.$thisyear . "/". $thismonth.'/">'.$month[$thismonth].' '.$thisyear.'';

    Thanks Beel. I’ll have a look at that tonight. Sounds logical enough though…

    Now I have another problem. When I sort by Category, it shows my drafts under the “Other” category.

    I’m using a slightly modified version of narchives @
    Was wondering if there’s a way to add a MONTH pulldown menu to this really cool hack?
    And also to make the initial page default to the last year (and the last month if there’s a way to add that menu…)
    Thanks for any help! 🙂

    anyone? Thanks! (sorry for a “bump” post but these forum are getting pretty crowded… 🙂 )

    Is there a way to add a footer to the list of posts. Instead of using [br /]’s at the end of each line, I wrapped them with [li]’s. But I’m not sure how to get a closing [/ul] tag at the end of each month’s list of posts.

    Nice mod! However, it seems to break my stylesheet in some way that I can’t fix. Please compare (works) to (doesn’t work). Any ideas?

    Never mind… figured it out.

    I too would like to know how to include a dropdown box for months.
    Great plug-in, though.

    Sorry for the repeated posts, but I think I’ve got one started.
    function show_month_select() {
    global $wpdb, $tableposts, $y;
    $months = $wpdb->get_col("SELECT DISTINCT MONTH(post_date) as month FROM $tableposts ORDER BY month ASC");
    $output .= '<option value="">All Months</option>'.NL;
    foreach($months as $mo) { $output .= '<option value="'.$mo.'"';
    if ($mo == $y) {
    $output .= ' selected="selected"';
    $output .= '>'.$mo.'</option>';
    $output = '<select name="m">'.NL.$output.'</select>'.NL;
    echo $output;

    It displays the drop-down box with the numbers of the months, but doesn’t do anything. I would like it to display the month names, and actually do something. 🙂
    Here’s a test if you’re interested.

    can anyone help me with this error –
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: start_b2() in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 145
    Thank You

    Nicer Archives is awesome, but…
    What do I put in .htaccess if I want to link to narchives.php?
    Anybody know how to make scriptygoddess’s paginate plugin to paginate narchives?

Viewing 15 replies - 46 through 60 (of 95 total)
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