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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Got mine working now too 🙂
    (I had to select sort by year, I had nothing appear)

    Thanks man !
    Its a great piece of work !!!
    You just have to add a closing “/” to some of the “input type” thingies so it can validate as XHTML.
    But of course its a minor detail !!!
    Thanks again.
    Your work is greatly appreciated.

    Nice mod, LaughingLizard! Thanks for sharing. I installed and got it working in about 5 minutes. A question or two:
    What is the purpose/use of the additional “single” style sheet? I had to set the $single var to 0 to get it to pick up my default style sheet. How are you intending the use of two style sheets with this?
    Any way to limit the listing to just the current year? The user can choose to list other years, but can I set the default to just the current?
    Thanks again.

    @randybrown and others:
    Fixed the validation issue.
    I have removed the $single check from the new download. Please download again if you would like. The $single is used to load different stylesheets on my blog when permalinks are clicked. 🙂 Sorry.

    Thanks for the slick archive LL. Plugged it in, and it works great.

    Additional thoughts – it would be great to make the links from the index.php page offer the main sort options right there eg:
    by category
    by date
    Would using query-string links work – just tried
    didn’t work but maybe I’ve made a stupid mistake. Alternatively, probably better, I can make a couple of different versions, narchivescat, narchivesdate and set different defaults.

    Beel: Where do I need to place the statement? I tried placing it in show_year_select(). The current year was in fact selected, but the listing still include previous years.

    I stuck it here:
    if (!($_POST[“submit”])) { $m = date(‘Y’); }
    //Make sure categories get parsed out, they are deprecated in wp-blog-header.php
    if ($_POST[“orderby”] == ‘category’) {
    and I am working on getting it as an include in the index page:

    LaughingLizard – Another mod for you:
    To better aling with .htaccess and mod-rewrte rules, I made the follow changes to archive_header:
    In the if ('date' == $orderby || empty($orderby)) structure, I changed $thisdate = $thisyear.$thismonth; to $thisdate = $thisyear.'/'.$thismonth; and $output .= '<br/><br/>'.$month[$thismonth].' '.$thisyear.''; to $output .= '<br/><br/>'.$month[$thismonth].' '.$thisyear.'';.
    In the } elseif ('category' == $orderby) { structure, I changed $ $thiscategory = $category_name; to $thiscategory = get_catname($category_name); and $output .= '<br/><br/>'.get_catname($thiscategory).'';
    to $output .= '<br/><br/>'.$thiscategory.'';

    Great mod! Thank you!

    I’m getting an error in my error logs:
    Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
    This is getting printed twice each time I run the narchives file. Anyone know why this is occurring?

    There was a filename at the end of that error. Please check that file to see if there is anything after the last ?> in that file.

    LL: It’s the “narchives.php” file. I renamed it index.php for my purposes, but it’s the same format as I originally downloaded from you. I have made some mods, as listed above, but even the original file gives the errors.
    Here’s the full error msg:
    [Sun May 23 21:14:15 2004] [error] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/randy/public_html/blog/artifacts/index.php:6) in Unknown on line 0

    pjt:: I am getting the same error when sorting ascending, but not descending. No idea why, however.

    actually, pjt, for me I have figured out why it is sorting poorly, both ascending (in the beginning) and descending (in the end):
    For the most part, the list sorts just fine, but the few posts I had that had tags or special characters in the beginning are sorted by that character. I don’t know with PHP how to parse this out….if it were Perl, maybe. Anyone figured out how to work around this?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 95 total)
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