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    I have about 3,500 posts (from a book, not previously blogged) to bring into WordPress. As a trial I’ve been using the RSS import which has worked fine.
    I MUST sort the posts by date, but because they have come in via RSS, the date for all the posts is the time of the import.
    I could sort by title but the title is an alphabetic pseudo date – 21 December 1945, 05 December 1972 and so on. So the output title is also alphabetic and 05 Dec 72 would come before 21 Dec 45.
    I can’t sort by ID, because that can be out of sync with the date for any number of reasons..
    Any suggestions?
    I guess I could write some SQL to update a field, but which one (post date, modified date)??
    All suggestions (and solutions) gratefully received.

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  • OK
    Again, solved my own problem through trial and error.
    Found that there is no down side to changing the post date, so I dumped to Excel, changed the dates and brought them back again via phpMyAdmin.
    Took a while, but it’s OK now.

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