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    @joris-van-der-horst – Sorry to read you have some problems with displaying these sorting options. I checked you default shop page and the sorting options do appear there as expected ( Please have a look at the page being used for rendering your Product Search Page results, perhaps the theme author would be able to assist you further with this as well.


    ~ Cais.

    Hi Cais,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    However the sorting options on the default shop page you are showing are:

    – NOT the the ‘Sort By’ options needed to be set and show
    – NOT on the same shopping page where need to set the ‘Sort By’ options

    There must be set/show the asked ‘Sort By’ options on this (search) shopping page in my webshop:

    See screenshot:


    Use this valid postcode in the Postcode Check popup which appear when open above link page:


    Can you explain where and how these ‘Sort By’ options must be set in the WP Admin of the theme please?

    Thanks in advance.



    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    @joris-van-der-horst – My apologies for not explaining my screen capture better. I understand you are looking to have those short options (as seen on the “Shop” page) displayed in the drop-down selector of your search page.

    Unfortunately how to do this within your theme would be best asked of your theme’s author/support team.


    ~ Cais.

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    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    @joris-van-der-horst – Some additional follow up: the page you’re referring to is not generated by WooCommerce. As this is an entirely customized template, to output sorting options here would require the theme author or developer to integrate them into the sorting dropdown, and then duplicate the queries run by WooCommerce to sort the content. Since this page isn’t part of WooCommerce, I’m afraid our plugin may not be of much help here.

    ~ Cais.


    Thank you so much for your quick reply and advise!.

    I’ve figured out by info from the template developers, that indeed it works by a custom template function to set the Sort By options.

    Now I know how to do it, but not know still which option I must chose from the particular Sort By option menu to set the needed ones 🙁

    I need following Sort By options to show in my website:

    Name A to Z (alphabetical)
    Name Z to A (alphabetical)
    Price low to high (price shown frontend)
    Price high to low (price shown frontend)
    Price discount (special offer)
    Popularity (most sales)
    Best review (star rating)
    Most reviews (count)

    My WP Template Theme function is offering below Sort By in the option menu to set:


    As you notice there are several Sort By options sort like and I not know the difference exactly so I can chose the needed onesmentioned above.

    For example:


    Can you please point me which Sort By options in my Theme I will have to set to achieve the certain needed options mentioned above please?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards,


    Plugin Author Beka Rice


    Hey @joris-van-der-horst, most of the sorting options you’ve referenced are from WooCommerce core itself. I’m afraid that the sorting dropdown is not generated by our plugin (we just add our options into the WooCommerce dropdown), and therefore this sort of customization is not something we can help with.

    As such, it would be best to work with your template developers to resolve this issue, as we can’t really know how they’ve implemented that dropdown, and the solution will be related only to your theme and WooCommerce, not to our plugin.

    If they need some background, they can review how WooCommerce adds sorting options here:


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    is possible show RANDOM in home/shop page BUT in the CATEGORIES pages show in ALPHABETICAL ORDER? please help!

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @estevansoares I’m afraid that enabling two different defaults (one for the shop and one for the category) is not possible with this plugin. Sorry I don’t have better news for you here!

    Also, for a future note, please be sure to add your own support threads in the future; it can be very easy for us to miss additional replies on a resolved thread, so to ensure you always get a reply, please add a new one for different questions. Cheers!

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