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  • I have done the following:

    Internet explorer: put the site URL in both Security and Privacy tabs

    Zone Alarm: changed my site and WordPress sites to allow 3rd party cookies

    Checked in my database that wp-options had the correct URL

    I know the instructions say to change the name of .htaccess but my provider had to modify it to support Firefox to show CSS properly and I don’t want to touch it.

    What else should I try?



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  • Turning off Zone Alarm makes the error message disappear. But I’m confused. It made my site a trusted site so what am I missing?



    Can I assume that there is no solution and WordPress is not compatible with Zone Alarm?

    Check the codex at for information. The “sending referrers” problem is pretty common, and can happen for about a thousand different reasons. All of the common causes and solutions are in the codex link above 🙂 If you check that, then try installing a different browser (like Firefox or Opera) and see if that makes a difference. If it’s still broken, then hit this thread again and let us know.

    Thanks, RustIndy. I have been through the codex and followed it carefully. The problem appears to be with Zone Alarm. Interestingly, it’s causing another problem with my website so I’ve contacted Zone Labs for assistance. If not, I’ll be back.

    Thanks again.


    uhm…i tried the thing instructed on that link for codecs, sady, it still won’t let me post links… i’m not the owner of my blog, well, my friend just hosts me…i was wondering if anyone can help me on this. i am now using my laptop to access my blog, but the old pc (w/c broke down) didn’t have this problem. i was using firefox when i tried the about:config thing and i did delete my cookies. hope someone can help me. thanks~

    1. I am browsing with IE6, on XP. with Norton Personal Firewall 2004 installed.
    2. WP 1.5 was installed by my host co., and configured properly – I believe.
    3. I can log-in as Admin
    4. I cannot do a simple thing like change the Default theme to Classic (just to see what it looked like), which leads me to believe other things won’t function either.
    5. I have reviewed your codex
    and permitted my blog’s URL for trusted site and privacy in IE6
    6. I stepped my way through your instx, on Nortonal Firewall. I even tried disabling Norton Firewall completely and that made no difference – I still got the error message.
    7. The WordPress address and the Blog page are both “”
    7. I am not very techy, but can follow simple instructions if laid out fully.

    I have only a limited time to get this fixed before I must uninstall it and try something else.

    Anybody got a short-list of other usual suspects that cause this error message?

    Do you have anything at all that could block cookies ?
    Any privacy program / cookie manager ?

    I’ve found this problem most common with software firewalls and WP – less so, if at all with others. It’s not so much a flaw, but a secuirty feature, which the firewalls seem to have trouble in the way WP requires header info. Even adding it to the trusted list or accepting only cookies from make little difference.

    THe only solution that I have used is to turn off the privacy features, do what I need to in WP then turn them back on. For browsing it’s not such a big issue, but for editing and logging in it’s a headache. Again I say it’s not WP, but the way the firewalls seems set to accept certain ways in which it assumes something will work.

    At the same time, it might be easier to get WP working with the firewalls, than getting the firewalls to work with WP.

    Sorry, you need to enable sending referrers, for this feature to work.


    I checked out the various methods of advice to end this question… I use Firefox… the refferer under headercontent was at 2 but I tried 1 as well… all to no avail… I still revieve the error message….

    I went over to IE and used the Codex instructions there as well and still I recieve the enable sending referrers error message… Do any of you here have any suggestions… I obviously cannot continue until I figure this out.

    Thank you for any assistance.

    I don’t think it is FF that’ sthe problem, do you have any software firewall installed?

    Yes I do have firewall…

    Software firewall right? ZA? Kerio? Norton’s? Have you read any of hte above?

    Dsiable ALL privacy features, that means cookie blockers, features which remove your header info and so on and so forth. Disbale them all and it shoudl work.

    oh… then no I don’t have firewall then… sorry! I did erase the cookies recently… but that didn’t do anything either.

    ok now you’ve confused me.

    Norton Firewall does this to me. I just turn it off when updating.

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