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    User Submitted Posts v20171105

    Evaluating your plugin for use on the frontend.

    Users must login to see form. I am using standard WP block page unless logged in. I will wrap with WP-Members content restriction shortcode.

    Contributor users have WRITE rights to Media library through normal WP backend.

    I intend for Contributors to be able add media files (images) with any valid image file extension. I am testing with PNG. I get the subject error message after dragging one PNG file to the drop in element.

    Error Message:
    Sorry, you are not allowed to attach files to this post.

    The Contributor can drag an image file into the drop element, the UI shows progress, then indicates the error message.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Glad to help. Are you able to upload any other types of images (other than PNG)?

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the very quick response.

    After noting critical error, I reverted User Submitted Posts (USP) settings to default. There seems to be a conflict between USP and Shortcodes Ultimate.

    For the moment, I am pending further on the image question to resolve Page Content Rich Editor capability.

    I am also running these two plug-ins:
    Shortcodes Ultimate, A comprehensive collection of visual components for WordPress. Version 5.0.3 | By Vladimir Anokhin.

    Query Monitor (QM) Monitoring of database queries, hooks, conditionals and more; Version 2.17.0 | By John Blackbourn.

    QM revealed a critical error in the page. Progressing from Default to Critical Error:

  • Contributor can submit post – YES.
  • Enabled Images, Contributor can submit images – YES, saved to Gallery, but not displayed with Post. Pending investigation.
  • Enabled Rich Editor. Contributor CANNOT edit Post Content field, and QM is now showing critical error.
  • QM Critical Error Text:

    Position – Broken Dependencies

    Script – su-generator

    Dependencies – farbtastic (missing), magnific-popup, qtip

    Dependents – (empty)

    Version – 5.0.3

Plugin Author Jeff Starr


I will investigate to see if there is anything that can be done from this end. You also may want to report with the developers of the other plugins, to see if they are able to help with any related issues.

QM only reports the Broken Dependency on this page and only when Rich Text Edit is enabled. Further, it disables the input mode on the page. Simple Text Input fields work. I suspect a JavaScript Name conflict between SU and USP.

Plugin Author Jeff Starr


Thank you. So just to clarify, you are reporting a conflict between “Shortcodes Ultimate” plugin and the free version of USP, correct? I.e., the issue described previously in this thread applies only when both USP and Shortcodes Ultimate are both active. Just want to make sure I have correct infos, I appreciate your help.

If I choose HTML5 and disable CSS, Contribute user’s Post Content area Rich Text input is enabled. Administrator, who has rights to insert SU shortcodes gets the QM error report with Broken Dependency error and Post Content input is disabled.

Confirming yes, I think there is a naming conflict between Shortcodes Ultimate and free version of USP.

I would be willing to enable you to take a closer look at the site.

I’ve been able to configure a compromise where I use the Plain Text Page Content input area and images including PNG files are uploaded and display (needed to enable the display of images – I chose below the post).

This allows me to use the Free version of USP in my site’s frontend.
I will monitor this thread looking for your progress to enable Rich Text editor when combined with SU.
Cheers and thank you,

Plugin Author Jeff Starr


Thanks for all of your information, I will see what I can do from USP side of things. It may be necessary to contact the developer(s) of the SU plugin. Also, if you have any ideas as to where the actual naming conflict is happening (e.g., enqueue scripts, shortcode name, et al), please let me know. Thank you.

Plugin Author Jeff Starr


Gonna go ahead and mark this thread as resolved to help keep things organized (new version will be released soon). Feel free to post again if any further infos or follow-up questions.

Thanks Jeff. I’ll retry for images once the new UPS comes out.

Hi @edtorrey,

I have a solution for this, Can you try?
You can update in this code on your function.php file

add_action(‘admin_init’, ‘allow_contributor_uploads’);
function allow_contributor_uploads() {
$contributor = get_role(‘contributor’);
$contributor->add_cap( ‘edit_published_posts’ );
$contributor->add_cap( ‘edit_others_posts’ );

It helps to solve your issues.

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