• I am 100% on board with the need to support great plugins. Your free form builder was amazing and I would have happily agreed to a paid version if you had demonstrated professionalism in the way you operate. How can you let people upgrade to the latest version of the plugin without letting them know that their hard work would be wiped out and that they should be ready to spend countless hours answering to customers complaints because their form suddenly doesn’t work anymore. On top of that, your 50% upgrade coupon takes one to a page where they can save 20%. Live and learn….

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  • Hey @mpignatta 👋

    Sorry to have let you down! This is not what we ever wanted. In this situation, we had our back to the wall, so to speak. We need more paying customers to support the ongoing development of the free plugin. We’re truly sorry if our communication didn’t reach you with enough time!

    For what it’s worth, the 50% off coupon is exclusive to people (like you) in this tricky situation. If you add that coupon at checkout, it will take the full 50% off. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

    Hey @mpignatta,

    This is Drew, the owner of The Theme Foundry (the company behind HappyForms). I’m sorry we let you down here. You’re 100% right that we should have been more professional and better communicated the removal of these free features. We tried to do that through email, but it wasn’t enough, and I apologize for that. Either way, I truly appreciate you giving us a try and trusting us previously.

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