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  • Hello, I have a Woo commerce theme and shopping cart and I sell custom t-shirts. On my site I have different drop down tabs that allow the customer to select color, size, style, etc. of the shirt and then when they finish the price should pop up and they should be able to pick quantity and add to the cart. Instead, It says “Sorry, this product is unavailable. Please choose a different combination.” this only happens on the products that have the variations. There is not quantity issue and I’ve checked all the variations and nothing has changed I do not know why all of a sudden it does not work can you please advise?

    Thank you

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  • Make sure all the variations have a Regular Price defined or they won’t show up.

    Also, it would help to see a screen shot of the variations setup, or have a URL to the store to try to help.

    Same issue here but it might be how i have my variations setup.

    I have a product that has two attributes. Color and Length.

    I have 4 colors and 21 individual lengths. For my variations, i have 4 setup with the colors selected and then any lengths allowed. These 4 have my images, a diff pic for each color. Next i have 21 variations that don’t have a color selected but each is a different length. These have unique prices.

    So my images work correctly. Change the dropdown for the color and the image changes. But the prices never show up once you select a length and no add to cart button either.

    Do i need to make 84 different variations to have this work correctly?
    I’d link you to the site but it’s in maintenance mode while i finish building it. Hopefully this is enough information.


    Yes, a variation needs to exist and have a Regular Price added for the Add to Cart to show up. I believe you could setup 4 variations, each with a unique color, then select “Any length…” for the 2nd attribute. Example:

    Hi, I am after any help possible with a smiler issue. please see

    The hoodie is available in 49 colours and 9 sizes but! the size XS is only available in 12 of the 49 colours and 3XL to 5XL is only available in 3 of the 49 colours Small, Medium, Large, X-Large & 2 X-Large are all available in all colours.

    I have set the variations as follows:

    Any Colour – Small
    Any Colour – Medium
    Any Colour – Large
    Any Colour – X Large
    Any Colour – 2X Large

    Than individually listed all of the colours that are available in X-Small for example:

    Arctic White – X-Small
    Baby Pink – X-Small
    etc etc etc

    Then added the individual variations for the 3-5XL colours for example:
    Heather Gray – 3X Large
    Heather Gray – 4X Large
    etc etc etc

    I have added a regular price to all of the variations and they are all enabled however when trying to order on the front end of the shop no matter what size/colour i select it says: Sorry, this product is unavailable. Please choose a different combination.

    It does however work correctly in that if you select the size 5X Large it only displays the 3 colours

    I cannot get the “Add To Cart” button to appear whichever way i go about it.

    Please can anyone advise on this.

    You must have to create all the possible variation combinations.
    In your college hoodie for example 441(49 x 9)items must be in your variation tab.

    I don’t agree its necessary to create the variations which you don’t supply.

    The variation data is listed in the page markup in the form.variations_form tag and its possible to analyse this data to find out what variations WooCommerce thinks it has. Sometimes these are not the variations the webmaster thinks exist. In this case, the first 5 variations don’t have a colour set: these are variation ids 1392, 1393, 1394, 1395 and 1396. Where I’ve seen this before, it prevents the drop-downs from working properly.

    Can you find these variation ids in the list of variations and ensure a colour is set.

    One common problem where there is a large number of variations is to ensure the POST array limit is large enough. Please tell us the value at Admin page > WooCommerce > System Status: WP Max Input Vars. Typically you would need 20 vars per variation, so about 7000 in your case. Otherwise the variations will not save correctly.

    I am experiencing a similar problem. The ability to select color/size displays ‘clear selection’ and ‘sorry this product is unavailable.’

    Here is the primary site:

    I set the inventory to 200; selection is by color or size in attributes (visible on product page and used for variations); all variations have a price, are listed as being in stock and are ‘enabled’ with a photo.

    All plugins with the exception of Woocommerce (including the primary Woocommerce theme; the checkout manager and the jquery cookie fix) are disabled; and I am using the twenty fourteen wordpress theme.

    Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Variation #663 is showing the attributes in size-color order, the others are all in color-size order. Normally all the attributes are in the same order. Its not much and I don’t know if its the problem but try deleting variation #663 and remaking it.

    I found this “Woocommerce too many variations” plugin and it worked for me.

    I just tried your sample product and it still doesn’t work for me.



    I was just struggling with this and Woo was arbitrarily adding a ‘Any Size’ variant to my Size variations. I wasn’t wanting this so had it disabled. That was causing the above error. Enabling it AND giving it a price, solved the issue for me (does not display on the front end regardless).

    unfortunately, that is not the case for our site. thinking it may be a hosting issue.

    also do not want to spend $70 to find out if the plugin works for this site.

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