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    I have this message now once 2.9 installed when I try to edit a file:

    Sorry, that file cannot be edited

    I can change and save the file that is already in the edit box, but I can not select another one.

    And this depend upon the theme. The problem does not occurs with other even very old themes.

    What hapenned in 2.9 about validation and some themes? (This is the function validate_file_to_edit that throws the error).

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  • Solved once I upgraded the pagebar plugin, for some obscure reason!

    Still a problem. I disabled all plugins and still got the same error message.

    Maybe this will help someone fix the problem:

    This workaround actually works (but not well):

    I made it work with version 2.9 by putting the extra line–$file = $allowed_files[3]; — in the theme-editor.php file in the following manner…note that by changing the 3 to another number, this brings up a different file in the editor, no longer bringing up the message about not being able to edit.

    if (empty($file)) {
    $file = $allowed_files[0];

    } else {
    $file = stripslashes($file);
    if ( ‘theme’ == $dir ) {
    $file = dirname(dirname($themes[$theme][‘Template Dir’])) . $file ;
    } else if ( ‘style’ == $dir) {
    $file = dirname(dirname($themes[$theme][‘Stylesheet Dir’])) . $file ;

    $file = $allowed_files[3];

    validate_file_to_edit($file, $allowed_files);



    validate_file_to_edit($file, $allowed_files);

    [0] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/style.css
    [1] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/style.ie6.css
    [2] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/404.php
    [3] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/archive.php
    [4] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/archives.php
    [5] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/comments.php
    [6] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/footer.php
    [7] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/functions.php
    [8] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/header.php
    [9] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/index.php
    [10] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/legacy.comments.php
    [11] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/links.php
    [12] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/page.php
    [13] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/search.php
    [14] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/searchform.php
    [15] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/sidebar1.php
    [16] => C:\www\vhosts\localhost\corp\wpthemes\www\versions\wp291\wordpress/wp-content/themes/multitasking_woman_pee137/single.php

    looks like the allowed_files is not formatted properly.



    Upgrading pagebar worked for me also.



    I found the cause of this error, which will occur in random configurations of wp. It’s a variable left uninitialized.

    See more here:

    Followed that link but exactly what am I supposed to do? Do I need to alter all 3 files?



    Oops, third file should be misc.php

    I’m having the same problem.
    Exactly what are we supposed to do with the info
    at ?

    Replace theme-editor.php with the one there?
    Replace plugin-editor.php with the one there?
    In misc.php, I think I can figure out which is the new and which is the old code and edit it, so I’m good with that, I think.

    That all correct?

    I had the same problem, replaced theme-editor.php and plugin-editor.php, and edited misc.php, but it didn’t work for me. Every time I wanted to edit my php files my dashboard showed me the same stylesheet.css file. Then I returned my old theme-editor.php and plugin-editor.php, but kept changed misc.php . I dont know why but it worked.
    Hope it’ll work for you too and save your time…

    Sorry for misinformation. Problem returned I uploaded again theme-editor.php and plugin-editor.php and now its resolved.

    And again…It doesnt work.

    Because one person fixed their problem doesn’t mean we all did. I had the can’t edit theme problem and made the changes to the 3 programs suggested elsewhere; now the theme editor comes up with the stylesheet to edit and it won’t change it. Click on a php file, it goes out, comes back and the first style sheet is still there. Changed themes, including to the WOrd press classic and default; still can’t change the file to edit. If i edit the style sheet, or make a change and update, i get the message: File edited successfully and it was but i can’t get another file into the theme editor. I had the problems wotj 2.9 and them i updated to 2.9.2 and problem continues

    @knewhams: Stop posting in resolved topics. Post a new topic!

    If you are experiencing this issue (can’t edit themes or plugins) and the above advice DID NOT help you…I just discovered that deactivating the Ultimate SEO plugin cleared it right up for me.



    @craig0927: Upgrade SEO Ultimate to version 1.7.3 or later to fix the problem.

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