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  • yes – replace with the ones at trac

    I did that, and now it won’t change to the file I click on. It just stays on styles.css, won’t bring up themes.php or index.php, nothing.

    I changed file permissions, did nothing (other than error), so I changed them back to 644.

    Anyone have a clue what to do here?

    I haven’t had the issue you’re experiencing, but did you try disabling your WP cache? Then see if you can navigate correctly, and then enable the cache again.

    Where is WP cache? How do you disable it?

    Do you have a cache plugin like WP Super Cache? If so, on the settings page for the cache program is where you would temporarily disable it. In WP 2.7.1 WP used to have a settings page for the cache from the stock dashboard, but I don’t see that in my 2.9.1 dashboard, and until now I didn’t look for it since I use WP Super Cache.

    But, something just dawned on me about your scenario… When you replaced the files mentioned above, did you have a custom theme active, or the default WP theme? You may first want to try to revert back to the default theme, and then try your custom theme again. That’s possibly a more likely cause of your challenge rather than the cache.

    No Cache plugin.

    I deactivated all plugins and changed to Default them. Still no love.

    Re-installed WordPress through Tools > Upgrade > Re-install Automatically, no love. Re-uploaded the 3 files from, still didn’t work.

    It never moves from the stylesheet that first appears when you click on Editor.

    It DOES change the address to:

    But it doesn’t show 404.php, just stays showing the css file

    When you uploaded the files did you first rename the old files to something else, delete them, or how did you go about replacing them? Is there a chance that the old files didn’t actually get replaced with the new ones, or did you put the new ones in the wrong place by accident? It appears it’s not finding the files?

    No, they went in right. I deleted the old, replaced with the new.

    What I meant before was that when I am in the Editor, and click to edit the 404.php file, it goes nowhere, just stays on the css file. But the address bar changes to

    Funny thing, though, I CAN edit the css file. But nothing else, since I can’t get to them.

    Anyone know what I can do?


    Please please oh please?

    I’d hate to have to delete and re-install.

    It’s a database problem, I think. I just dunno how to clear it up.

    Updated again and it went away. I guess you just have to keep doing
    Re-installed WordPress through Tools > Upgrade > Re-install Automatically
    over and over until it works again.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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