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    I’ve set up wordpress on my server, and it’s working fine.

    But I’ve been puzzled as to how to view my uploads. I can upload files fine, but when I view the post, they aren’t there.

    I’m using an Intel iMac, so I switched to my PC, and I discovered that if I dragged the uploads onto the rich text editor, they appeared.

    Is this how to do it? I’ve been digging around the help files but couldn’t see anything about this!!!

    If this is so, how do I do it on my Mac, as the rich text editor doesn’t appear.

    Can someone point me in the right direction? I was assuming that a list of my uploaded files would appear next to my post. ah well!

    Also, how do I allow ANY filetype to be uploaded?



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  • Also,

    when viewing the site, I would like the Register & Login options big at the top. I can see these in the Meta links at the moment.


    any chance of a little bit of guidance from someone?

    I know this are probably really basic questions.

    Much appreciated


    What version of WordPress are you running? Are you using 2.0 with the inline uploader on the post page?
    If you’re using the inline uploader, you just drag them from the panel under the post box and literally just drag them in..

    yes, it’s version 2 – yep, I stumbled over that when I used my PC – I wish there was some instructions to tell me.

    The problem is, the rich text editor doesn’t appear on my mac (intel), so dragging doesn’t work.

    I have heard of problems with tinyMCE and Mac (Safari?).

    If you are using Safari on your mac, give Firefox a try on it and see if it works with that. According to a quick google search, TinyMCE isn’t properly supported in Safari.

    And if you want use Camino – the mac version of Mozilla. Works for me.

    gwynap, to answer the question more generally… if you use your PC, drag the picture into the Rich Text Editor and then switch the RTE to display the HTML you will see what link has been inserted.
    Then, when you don’t have the RTE handy, you know that it is a similar kind of link that you need to type into plain HTML.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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