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  • Look guys Im sorry, but I realy have tried to read the posts and codex & work this out – Im confused & not getting much feedback via forum 🙂
    (kubrick 1.51)
    Ive built a template – and list all posts for (1) category on it.
    I want to have my add comments at the bottom of the page ie – not for each post. Ive put the php code outside the loop etc – but why doesnt it give a link to let me add a comment??
    This is the test page:

    Im sure Im overlooking the obvious – but atm its totally obscure.
    (comments are off cos its under test – except for that page – unless Im totally of the track)

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  • AFAIK you can have comments only on individual entries, not on listings of posts – if I understood well your question.

    OK – thats right – Im after a single comment on the “thread” – I understand now. any suggestions – a contact form? – I have Ryans plugin – can I place that at the end of the listing (outside the loop)?

    OK – I have temprarily placed a contact form on the page beneath the listings – have you any suggestions – basically I wanrt to allow folk to post a “comment”=”listing” which I moderate – like a directory kinda.
    Thanks for any advice – its been lonely out in codex woods 🙂

    Murry: as Moshu said, according to what I’ve read, there doesn’t seem to be a way of adding comments to a non-single post page.

    From the look of things (and this is making some assumptions), you have created posts with individual links and text into specific categories. You then use the Loop to call those into a non-single post page. The posts you created are single post pages. You are using the posts with that category much like a link farm, just a bit different.

    Now, you want comments added to your list of links on that page, right?

    I recommend that since all that is IN your “posts” are a link to a page off-site and the explanation, you simply put all this in a single post or Page and update it by clicking EDIT and adding a new link and explanation. This way, you would have the ability to allow people to comment on the list of links because they are now featured on a single post page.

    There are other ways of doing this, and I know you will want to cross list the different links, which makes this harder, but so far, you can’t break the core stuff that much. It will only do what it is meant to do. Maybe someone has a plugin for comments on a non-single post page?

    Wow Lorelle – thanks for taking the time – I felt like Ive been running around building this damn thing blind. BTW – I like your site 🙂
    OK – taking it sloooww cos Im new and tired.
    1/I made cats and populated each with “posts” – cos none could tell me how to edit css – I justr stripped the heading off and placea “link”folowed by text in the post = posts with links. 🙂
    2/ made templates
    3/ On a “page” using list_cats and excluding everything I didnt want -showed the cats I did want
    4/ now I just let WP do its thing by opening that cat with its own template say “Sports” cat is category-15 eg.

    This is a reeeeaaalllyy terrible way – but it makes a Link List with descriptions – Im sure theres a better way but I dont know WP I can build sites – but I was hoping for a slackers site for me:) – so wrong.

    What I want then is to let folk add a “comment”=”suggested link” which i can moderate. I know – why not just plugin a dir but all this stuff is somewhere in WP 🙂
    Linkfarm???? — URGH — no – just very tightly controled links to other sites useful to this one.
    Hope thats a little clearer.
    But the way you suggest is tempting – I will ponder that unless someone can suggest alternatives.
    I have looked at the code for List Manager Plugin – which comes VERY close and may just try to extend that.
    Thank you very much for the input – really appreciate the thoughts.
    Keep well and happy.

    Hehe – got it working 🙂
    Its not neat, its not classic and its not hacking, its just lateral thinking but Im almost happy 🙂
    Thank you Lorelle for the trigger.

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