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  • I have been searching for a file-upload, and the best I have found is ‘Easy Upload Files During Checkout’ made by Fahad Mahmood.

    You can see it here (when there is something in basket). It is not very beautifull, but it will do the trick (if customers can figure it out). The page ‘goes up’ after upload, and you have to place the upload in the cart or checkout page instead of the product page.

    There is a handfull of those plugins NOT working, fx. is it included in the mighty Woocommerce Booster. I think the problem is that the plugin do not tell Woocommerce WHERE to place the file.

    I am a little SAD because i am sure that your plugin works. You just need to give people a little more help to changing those php-files.

    I am myself a brave person, but it with shaking hands that I change those files, and most people can not do it. I am afraid the system goes down.

    But I did, ..but all I got was a picture of a botton on my product page.

    When you say ‘Please Put these shortcodes inside cart loop’ it is like russian to most people. And that is sad.

    I am sure I did it wrong, but I do not know what the cart-loop is. So I just putted the
    echo do_shortcode(“[woo_file_dropzone_cart_page cart_item_key={$cart_item_key}]”); somewhere in the start.

    defined( ‘ABSPATH’ ) || exit;


    do_action( ‘woocommerce_before_cart’ ); ?>

    It is not the right place, I am sure.

    Why not change those three files, and set them up for proper working, so people just can overwrite and backup the existing three files via FTP?

    It is a little easier.

    Have a nice day

    Geert Gissing / Denmark

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  • Plugin Author Murtaza Bhurgri


    Hello, Sorry for the trouble you faced.

    That is a little technical for those who know how to put code in .php files.

    For Loop I mean PHP foreach loop.

    The reason files are not provided is that. Each theme have a different style, so there are no generic files which can be used everywhere.

    That is reason for shortcodes in cart and checkout page there is a little technical details to do the task.

    You can easily integrate it without using shortcode.
    Did you try without using shortcodes ?

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