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  • I saw the post that offers info on how to search the forums. But why? what happened to the nice search function that was here.

    Searching Google and other places give tooooo many unrelated returns on a search.

    Just wondering and could not sleep without asking.


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  • Amen! I’ve been wondering how long the site search will remain useless.

    Do you mean the Support Forum Search or the codex search, which has decided to be interesting lately, first returning no results and then giving me a big fat XML error?

    I was talking about the support forum search, but I guess I’m talking about both, if the Codex is doing the same thing.

    I make it a habit to search the forums before posting a question so as not to waste everyone’s time and energy. But I’m not able to do it now, so I will post and hope that the topic has not been covered somewhere else, because I was not able to google an answer….


    Google works very well if you simply sort through the first few pages looking for post IDs generally above 50000.

    Does anyone know of a way to exlude the feed results when using google to search? Meaning, only to have the actual page results appear.

    Not unless there’s some way to tweak the “search within results” stuff at the bottom of the pages.

    [You can always just copy the RSS feed post ID to a regular wordpress/support/ addy….]

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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