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  • If you integret your scripts with Google Tag Manager, Complianz will NOT block the code (Analytcs, FB…)!!! I repeat: It will NOT block the code! Even if you Disagree!! WHAT THE F…..!!!! This is an absolute NOGO and in my eyes crimnal. You promised to be DSGVO (GDPR) conform. SAY IT YOU ARE NOT!!!!!

    I don’t know if this is only in the free version. But after that, i give a f… for the paid version!!

    I am f… really angry!!

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  • Plugin Contributor Aert Hulsebos


    Hi @chrischarly033,

    To use tags based on consent, you will need to configure Tag Manager accordingly. Complianz, or any other plugin/cmp can’t integrate directly with Tag Manager for granular consent without some manual configuration.

    In the first article below, which is mentioned in the plugin on different locations, you can download a container with the needed triggers and/or variables. Other articles will explain other possibilities with Tag Manager.

    If you’re not really familiar with Tag Manager, you could opt to use our script center instead. This will add the code for you, based on your chosen category.

    If you need help during this process, we’re always happy to help.

    PS: There’s no difference in free or paid when using Tag Manager, or any other service for that matter.

    This guide will help you configure Tag Manager;

    This is for server-side Tag Manager;

    This is more about Tag Manager and Consent;

    Or if you’re using a Tag Manager plugin, you can look for an article like this;

    regards Aert

    Thread Starter chrischarly033


    Hello Aert,

    thank you for your answers. It helps me a lot. I really appreciate it.

    It would really help and save many from the false assumption that complianze takes control of loading the scripts when there is a hint that adjustments still need to be made in GTM.

    I opted for the “How to set Google Tag Manager after Consent” variant. I even want GTM to be loaded only after consent.

    Sorry for my harsh words, but I was really upset when I noticed that Complianz in the settings via the wizard is not privacy compliant and nowhere is mentioned that you still have to make adjustments.

    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    Hi @chrischarly033,

    I’m sorry to hear you didn’t see our notice about this! If you select Google Tag Manager in the wizard, the plugin will show a notice in the sidebar with more information about how to configure it. In addition to that we are always happy to help with any questions, and have several articles dedicated to how you can configure Tag Manager.

    If you have specific suggestions how we can improve this, please let us know. Our community of free collaborators is very important for the development of the plugin, without it it wouldn’t be possible to keep it entirely free.

    As most of our users and their legal advisors follow the reasoning that an empty container from Tag Manager does not require consent, this is how the default implementation works: just blocking it entirely would result in a lot of angry users about breaking Tag Manager! You can read more about this on our website.

    So out of the box Complianz uses the approach most users are looking for: consent is handled by Tag Manager, based on Complianz consent events, which have to be added by the user to the Tag Manager container.

    If you prefer the “better safe than sorry” approach, and want to entirely block Tag Manager, that is also possible, and described as well in detail.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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