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  • I’d hoped for a less frustrating cache experience, but got a broken plugin that won’t update, frequent ‘URGENT! Do this now because the plugin is totally broken!’ emails from the developer, and I’m very frustrated because he just offered a refund to a user in the forum, and I responded that he remembered me from the dozen or so back and forth emails in which he did his best – but failed – to get the plugin to do anything other than breaking my WP install. So I said ‘hey, I wouldn’t mind a refund, since I’m now terrified of ever having this thing on my WP again,’ and no response. Not even an attempt to fix it, just no reply – so don’t expect support for your 10 bucks, priority or otherwise. Incredibly disappointing.

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  • Well I Think It Says Donation ?? To Help in The Development of the Final plugin I had an issue with my install but it was because I made a mistake during my WP install PS.. Adam Stuck right in there till we fixed it i would say the support is great for a one man operation we all have an Opinion my Is Thumbs UP !! cant wait till i can get more goodies

    So you love this plugin, that won’t update, that you receive e-mail updates for – which is not ‘WordPress speed’ by any stretch of the imagination, even if I’d been receiving said e-mails for the past 2 weeks, which I have not.

    And you just happened to follow me from the support forum to here to sing the plugins praises twice! Since I’m certain you don’t have any dog in this fight, I’d be curious to know what website you’ve implemented it on, and what has it done to impress you?

    Because it scares the crap out of me, it cripples my sight more than a malware attack.

    Very difficult not to feel the impact of The Tickler’s deafening silence when asked the question about his/her website 🙂

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