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  • 2 stars only, sorry. I usually give 5 or do not write reviews.

    Gutenberg self would reach to 4-5.

    I do not like how it is handled on Github and generally. Treating people like kids, deciding something then asking people what do they think about it, when it is not possible to change this decision.

    3000 active installs in writing moment. Something in range of one simple tabs/accordions plugin.
    You go one direction, people seems not to follow you.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Firstly, all reviews matter – however many stars they are. I would like to address how you feel things are treated on GitHub. Many contributors are involved in the project and as a result not all things people want can happen – which I am sure you understand. Balancing a product as large as this is a careful act and one those doing it do not take lightly.

    That all said, every insight and feedback is listened to. Gutenberg is what it is today because of feedback you and others have given and continue to. No system of reporting is perfect, not this forum, not GitHub and not trac. However, we can all learn and adapt as best we can to the platform. This is something that needs to continue to happen as the project grows – it’s not complete yet.

    I like what all of you did with Gutenberg. And hope it ends as something really revolutionary.

    I know also learning JavaScript is waiting for me, but it is not important here.

    Be more sincere with people what do you plan.
    Deciding something in narrower group, and not telling anyone about it, or ask for permission, is not sin.
    Deciding something in narrower group, and keep people in belief they can influence it, it is sin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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