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  • This plugin is so buggy. It blows my mind how it got a good rating.
    Updated wordpress, plugin stopped working…

    I do not recommend this on any live site, if you do use it you will need to do a lot of testing between upgrades to make sure it doesn’t break down on you.

    I swear it’s a love hate relationship with WP Google Maps. I do recommend testing a little more with more diverse setups to make sure the plugin does not suddenly conflict with other plugins. I will leave my rating at 4/5 to reflect the fact that you guys are amazing at handling feedback, both good and bad but you’re missing that extra step where the solution is reliable and risk free to upgrade.

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  • If you set the map to 100% height it collapses to 0

    Plugin Author perryrylance


    Hi Taropaa,

    I’m geninely sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with the plugin.

    I’m the lead developer on WP Google Maps and I aim to fix any reported bugs as soon as possible, most issues are fixed within hours if not minutes.

    The map height quirk however isn’t a bug – that’s innate to CSS. If you set any element at all to 100% height, it will take up 100% height of it’s container. That means unless the container has a fixed height or some other content giving it height, the container will be zero height, and the element in question will have height as 100% of zero, which is of course zero height.

    You’d need to use either a fixed pixel height map (or CSS viewport units), or you’d need to do the same on the containing element and then set the map to 100% height in order for it to be visible.

    I’m looking into implementing a warning explaining this in the next release because it does come up quite a lot, none the less thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    If you’d like to consider continuing to use our plugin I’d be happy to assist you personally with any issues you might have?

    Kind regards

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    Hi @perryrylance, Thank you for getting back to me. I was able to resolve the height issue. Though the admin panel is still very choppy with things overlapping. Nevertheless, the plugin is usable and I am looking forward to upcoming updates.
    I also purchased a license and have to say that the polygon editing works quite well, and I especially like the fact that I can see the other polygons. What would really be nice if I can snap the points from a new polygon to the points of another polygon, so they can connect seamlessly.

    Plugin Author perryrylance


    Hi @taropaa, I’ve added this as a feature request, you can expect to see it implemented in our next major release in the near future

    In the mean time, if you’d like me to snap the points using a script at my end please feel free to send me your polygon data and I’ll make sure the points meet exactly?

    Hi @perryrylance I already did that as accurate as I could, which looks amazing. I really appreciate your constructive reply. I now see how you guys maintain such a good rating.

    Have a great one 🙂

    Plugin Author perryrylance


    Hi @taropaa,

    I’m glad to hear it! Thank you for updating your review, we’re all grateful for it.

    Keep an eye out for the next release, and if you ever need anything please feel free to ask for me by name!

    Kind regards

    Hi @perryrylance, Thank you for your helpful response.

    I would rate it 5/5 just for that, however the interface on the backend is still difficult to use and while functional, appears buggy and takes some fiddling until you get it to work properly.

    I am looking forward to future improvements to your plugin and perhaps even more Pro licenses. Definitely worth it.

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