• I was using the BWPS version, and reinstalled this after their change to iThemes Seciruty, but the changeover was a disaster so had to switch back to the original one again.
    Once set-up, the old BWPS was really effective, but I thought I should eventually change to the more up-to-date version to keep up with the wordpress updates, so went for the iThemes again yesterday, after uninstalling the BWPS to make it an easier transition – what a nightmare! have been totally locked out and couldn’t get back in without a FULL site restore – so wasted about 12 hours!
    if you read the support threads, there’s still loads of different bugs and errors that aren’t being resolved, so I’m abandoning ship and trying a totally different one – as it couldn’t be worse!
    What a shame, as when it was working it was great!

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  • Hello 5High,
    I am writing here because the other topis was closed.

    I am affecting down the same problem of you: some plugin REWRITE MY HTACCESS, and everyone author tell me “not my plugin”
    Did you discovered which plugin rewrite (wrong) htaccess?

    My suspects are about: Wordfence, Better WP security, some Itheme plugin like Isync…

    Did you discovered more things?

    Hi sognista2,

    It was all a while ago now, but over a few years our old site regularly crashed and the culprit always seemed to be lots of weird code added to the .htaccess or sometimes even some of the core wp code removed! I’m pretty certain it was BWS (now iThemes Security) as pre-installing a new site I’ve contacted all plugin authors and none of them wrote directly to that file.

    The long and the short? BWS had zero support from the author and he certainly didn’t seem interested in any reported problems with it either, as lots of people had issues with it.

    After this I was VERY wary of security plugins, researched heaps, and eventually decided to try Bullet Proof Security. I used the free version for about 6 months – absolutely brilliant, with excellent support. Then I bought the pro version – mainly as a way of supporting the plugin author + a few extra features. Overall, it’s a complicated piece of software that does an amazing job and is always well supported. Even when I had messed it up big time and crashed my site, the author went in and fixed it straight away for me, and patiently explained what I should do (or not do!).

    It took me a while to work through it all, but that’s because I like to understand things, but it’s actually a very quick install and setup and has heaps of good documentation throughout. Personally I couldn’t rate it highly enough.

    You can also search the forum for any known plugin issues and it gives a detailed fix for each.

    Hope this helps and good luck 🙂

    Hi 5High, thanks for yous suggestions, I appreciate and I will try Bullet Proof in the next wordpress.

    I had already bought BackupBuddy, and it doesn’t seems too bad, and I have discovered a bug caused issues: if you choose to save your backup files in the root directory, this plugin rewrite your htaccess and create two index files.
    Is quite silly put backup in a root directory, but… I think is a bug not WARNING user to NOT choose the root!

    But, anyway.
    At this time, I use Wordfence premium, but… is very heavy… with wordpress 4.1.1 and only 64 Mb the site go totally slow down…

    Do you think Bullet Proof could be more lighter?

    Have a nice day,


    I don’t think it really effect page load times, as my last site was mainly slowed my the amount of images – and current site by using SSL. But BPS supplies a page speed boost code too. I suggest you search their forum as it’s very detailed.
    Good Luck!

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