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  • whooami



    how do you feel an aroma? you really need to edit that tagline 😛

    other than that, well its nice.. I guess. You have a lot of already established sites to conquer though when it comes to content.

    Yeah i hope you got that in a PSD the feel of the aroma of gadgets is a little difficult to swallow

    Thanks guys for the feedback.
    @whooami: I’m ready for the competition 🙂 Two years back, they were just like me. Weren’t they? 😛
    @mach2racer: Yes, that’s in the PSD. You guys suggest something? 🙁




    well yah .. an aroma is something you smell, not ‘feel’

    “atrue geek can smell the aroma of new gadgets” Something like that. With a PSD of that banner should make it easier to redo it. Then again I am just following whooami, LOL the village idiot.

    @mach2racer: Done! “a true geek can feel the aroma of gadgets” 🙂

    Looks a little better.. For a seconf I thought I was on the mozilla page.. Wow I need to stop sniffing magic markers.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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