• hightek1


    while i really like this app it has several limitations, and numerous bugs which you should be prepared to handle.

    if you’re adventurous go for it! otherwise seek your solution elsewhere.

    i bought the Pro version and while overall if functions are stable, the “Profile Customizer” requires users to actually design their profile page. So if your audience is not technically sophisticated they are going to struggle…like some of mine have.

    the field setting require hacking if you want to show a “terms of service” since the most updated version “Version 1.1.12” breaks the checkboxes IF you add terms to provided fields in the application settings.

    IF you add a link to a post, instead of the text, it also breaks except in Firefox.

    The forums are active and developer very responsive. my concern is they were kinda defensive to an endearing unoffensive CAP usage and gave me a lecture about there philosophy on privacy which is laughable given i agree with them in the entirety.

    i’m giving this app a 3 star review because it lacks a default user profile ability, has bugs which should not be present in a mature release, and based on the provided support.

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  • Dot 07


    Hi hightek1,

    Your review sounds very much like an ongoing exchange I have had with someone on our forums http://www.usersultra.com/support/forums/topic/setting-default-profile-layout/

    I have to mention that you are providing a review of our pro version which isn’t actually allowed on WordPress. We have an upcoming update which will take care of your concerns on the fields, as we have expressed to others on our forums.

    We look forward to more exchanges with you. But, please keep your input on the Pro version where it is actually more appropriate.


    Plugin Author Plugins Area



    We’re not allow to offer support for pro version here.

    However, i have to say that the pro version comes with 4 user templates and as default some widgets are being added automatically so the user doesn’t have to drag/drop widgets manually.

    Please post the issues related to the pro version on our forums.


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