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  • Plugins and widgets that operate without showing in a sidebar work fine. Those that should show up in a sidebar, don’t. The dashboard indicates they are there but that is the extent of it. It would seem to be a matter of the theme rather than WordPress. I’m using Cutline 3-column right.

    The site is at The Couth Hillbilly

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  • Are you specifically talking about the Amazon Showcase WordPress Widget?

    If so, there are two possibiities. I think you have gone one folder too deep with the ‘AmazonShowcase_Assets’ folder.

    I think the contents of /plugins/widgets/ should be “AmazonShowcase.php” and the “AmazonShowcase_Assets” folder.

    From the readme.txt…

    == Installation ==

    1. Unzip and place ‘AmazonShowcase.php’ and the ‘AmazonShowcase_Assets’ directory in the ‘/wp-content/plugins/widgets/’ directory on your web server.

    You have the assets folder located here instead; /wp-content/plugins/widgets/amazon-showcase-wordpress-widget/AmazonShowcase_Assets/

    There may also be compatibility issues (but maybe not). The plugin states compatibility through 2.3.2. Try fixing the folder issue and give it another go.

    If that is not the plugin you are concerned with, just ignore everything I said.


    Thanks. You were correct that I had nested Amazon Showcase too deeply. I just corrected it but it still doesn’t work. I think that is the 3rd time I have installed that particular plugin. I have no idea whether or not I did it incorrectly those other times.

    Actually, I tried every amazon-calling plugin and widget I could find. I tried each one at least twice. None worked. It’s not just the plugins that call on amazon. Others that are presently installed and supposed to show up in the sidebars but not working are WP Chicklets and curreX. Akizmet says that it is installed but has yet to find any spam (less than two weeks). StatPress is working. I have no idea if Copy Alerts is working.

    There are some widgets showing in the left-hand column of the widgets page that I did not install, but they don’t appear to work: StatPress TopPosts, Pages, Calendar, Recent Posts, Tag Cloud, Text and Recent Comments.

    On the widgets page there are two columns. All of these widgets are listed in the left-hand column. I can click on ADD for any of these widgets and they appear in the right-hand column. They disappear from the right-hand column if I try to save, refresh or view the page to check if they appear. BTW, should there not be 3 columns there if the theme has 2 sidebars?

    Again, thanks.

    BTW, should there not be 3 columns there if the theme has 2 sidebars?

    I don’t think so. A three column theme implies one column for content, and two for sidebars as a general rule.

    Pages, Calendar, Recent Posts, Tag Cloud, Text and Recent Comments.

    These are defaults that come with WordPress if memory serves me. I would start again by selecting column 1, placing the widgets you want there, save, select column 2 and repeat. But, first… you are also using an old version (1.1) of Chris Pearson’s Cutline 3-Column Right. Go here and get an updated version (that is, if you want to, of course). See how it progresses from there. Again, that amazon plugin states it was only tested to WP version 2.3.2, so it may not work.

    Might want to check on known plugin compatibilities with WP 2.5.1. You can search that (plugin compatibility), easily enough.

    wp-chicklets… the authors site says it was written for wordpress 2.2.
    (same compatibility issue may apply)

    currex is supposed to be 2.5.1 compatible. Did you activate the plugin by selecting it in the plugin menu in your dashboard before looking for it in -Dashboard > Design > widgets, then go and put the widget in one of the sidebars?

    Best of luck.

    Mr. James,

    How did you get so smart and/or observant? How I got an old version of Cutline I don’t know. I got it about 2 weeks ago. I found the current version and downloaded it. I then began to wonder. Could I lose all the work I have done so far? Could I screw everything up royally? Do I need to save before updating? I haven’t done it before but am guessing that the procedure is fairly straightforward. I’m just a bit gun-shy after all of the little problems I have encountered these past 2 weeks. Bear with me just a little longer.

    As for the number of columns, I likely failed to express myself as precisely as I should have. There is a left-hand column on the design/widget page that lists about 15 widgets. One is supposed to click on the ADD button to make a copy of it appear in the only right-hand column. Putting it in the right-hand column is supposed to make it appear in a sidebar but there is no way to designate which sidebar. I’m hoping the update will obviate the need to worry about that any more.

    Could I lose all the work I have done so far? Could I screw everything up royally? Do I need to save before updating?

    It should not affect your blog content. If you have modified the theme, you will of course have to make those same mods to the new theme, but just changing themes should not ever affect the content. Your content is actually stored in your database and upload folders.
    Just to ease your mind, remember.. ALWAYS keep a current version of your entire website and database backed up, just in case a little mod throws you a big curve.

    there is no way to designate which sidebar.

    You should actually be able to click on the box that shows you what sidebar you are currently working in, and it will allow you to expose any other sidebars that are built into the theme you are using at the time. In the widget management/selection area, check around the sidebar indicator at the top of the column that shows the current widgets, and find “sidebar 1”, or “sidebar 2”, indicator or whatever the case may be. When you do, I think it acts as a drop-down that allows you to select sidebar 2 and then select the “show” button directly below it. (I think it says show,anyhow). That should expose the other sidebar and allow you to add widgets to it.You must save your changes to the sidebar before switching, or it just goes back to the way it was before you changed it.


    …after taking another look at your site, it does indeed look like you have possibly customized, at very least, the header images of your theme. Be sure to make a backup copy of your CURRENT theme so that you can easily reproduce your modifications with the updated version. Don’t allow the upload of the new theme version to overwrite the existing theme. Back up the old one before deleting it, make the modifications to your new theme and then upload it to your themes folder.

    I was using version 1.1.

    I downloaded 1.3, started modifying it and just noticed that inside the stylesheet it said it was version 1.1 also.

    I’ll try to find a real 1.3 and maybe even a 2.1 and let you know the results.

    Inch by inch. I downloaded and installed version 1.3 from another location. When I checked, the coding in the stylesheet showed 1.2 although the graphics on the design/theme pages proudly proclaims it as Cutline 1pt2 3 Column Right. I see no difference between 1.1 and 1.2.

    I’ll try again. Please keep checking up on me.

    The link I gave you above (click on the word “here” in my previous post)is a direct link to a site affiliated with the theme author. Probably the safest place to get the latest version. Version 1.3, Cutline 3-Column Right. I don’t think I would get it from anywhere else.

    The style sheet in that package will say version 1.2. That does indeed appear to be the latest version of the 3 column theme. I’m not positive, but I think version 2.1 is only a two column theme.


    I got the 1.1 version from WordPress’ theme site. I got the 1.2 from the page you listed. I have been searching around for 1.3 for 3 Column Right. If it is out there, google can’t find it. It may be available for the 3 Column Split. I don’t want to go there but I may have to (providing 1.3 is available for it). I did see a site with the 3 Column Right that was running an amazon widget and some others. The site mentioned running 1.3 but gave the same link you did.

    I have changed the images, ridded the site of the dotted lines, changed the bars above the headers in the sidebars to red and added a logo. I have a barely passing acquaintance with html, so those changes were not too daunting. php is totally alien to me. I was an asswembler language programmer on the ‘big iron’ back in the 1970s and built my 1st computer in 1957, with vacuum tubes. I have let the techie world pass me by but feel the need for an outlet for spouting off. At my age it is a preferable alternative to drooling. All I need is to get those widgets where visitors can see them.

    Here is a direct download link for Cutline 3-Column Right from the site I suggested.

    I just downloaded it, installed it on my test server on WordPress 2.5.1, and it is working correctly, including all of my widgets, in both side bars, aligned to the right. Like I said, the .css will tell you version 1.2. The theme version is 1.3. I do believe this is the latest version available.

    I downloaded the version from the URL you provided. No difference. I tried the 3 Column Split. No change.

    Those two situations plus your success should be a sufficient clue as to identify the problem. It’s just that my limited understanding means I wouldn’t see it if it hit me in the face.

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