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  • Hello all,

    When visiting the school’s digital newspaper that appears to be a wordpress, sometimes weird files start to download.

    So actually it first happened when searching my own name on Google, as I was wondering with friends what would come up. One of the search results where comments that I made on an articele at this website.

    When opening the search result that clearly states it is on I get transferred sometimes to Google, other times the site just opens but in my case the site opens, but the URL is really long and weird. It is of the kind:
    At the same time in my downloads row, this weird file calle Google_Guillaume_roox.exe or zip starts to download. Everytime this happens my F-secure starts to give a lot of activity.

    This is a screenshot of what file he asks me to download.

    This weird event doesn’t only occur at home, it also does sometimes at school computers, or even friends told me it happened with them but the file had another name. What is really creepy is that the file contains my name.

    What can I do about this?

    I’m already thankful in advance for your help,
    Sincerely yours,

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    That sounds like an issue with the server – not WordPress.



    This is a weird story indeed! Because if it is true that, when you type in your name in the Google search toolbar, you get a list of search results, these displayed results themselves don’t “know” that it is YOU (and no-one else) who did the search. So if you click on one of these resulting search links, there is nobody in cyberspace (or in the requested page) to send you a file (zip, exe or otherwise) with specifically YOUR own name in its title. The only thing Google does, is bring you (or anyone) to the page the anonymous searcher requires, logically and decently.
    For good measure, I did exactly the same search with what I assume is your name (Guillaume Roox, judging from your “file”), found the link to your school paper and was normally brought to the requested blog page, without being offered a “file” to download.
    Moreover, the very long URL you seem to get is a grotesque address coming from the Google search site: I have not been able to emulate the same experience.

    What does bother me, is that your post here puts your school’s newspaper in a very bad light for many people to see. But as far as I can see, there is really nothing wrong with it, and it seems to be a decent publication.




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    Moreover, the very long URL you seem to get is a grotesque address coming from the Google search site

    Uh! That is not a Google link! Google has nothing to do with the reported symptoms.

    Thanks for your response.
    I posted this support ticket in request of the school’s technical ‘expert’. (I don’t know how to properly translate his function) The last thing I would want to do is to bring this initiative in a bad light.

    At first I thought I was victim of a malicious URL in the google search results but according to Google it’s referring to the site.
    But when it occured at now 3 different locations I started to get confused. I think it is a malicious thing going on on the server or that there was a third party lay-out or plugin installed which contained this.

    Because I saw at first the link open to the original site e.g. (fictional) but the fact that this google part was behind it referred me to the suspicious url with the file that starts to download.

    It is indeed very weird that it would know my name, I just think it copied the search request that was made on google, since it is given to the site where you are transfered to.

    sounds to me like you have a referral virus.

    On all te pc’s I’m using? This phenomenon occurs at work, school & home.
    Even Two friends experienced the Same.

    But it seems to mostly happen with Google chrome, can you try it with That browser?

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