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    HI guys!

    I hope that you can help with this one. I am having a sporadic problem. Well… a couple of problems really.

    Yesterday Shareaholic ceased displaying across at least 3 websites – just left a blank space. I found the common denominator to be that all 3 were on the same server. Other sites built in the same way but on different servers displayed ok. I tested on multiple devices, multiple browsers, and multiple countries to confirm it wasn’t local to my machine. All showed the same white space. Then it miraculously sorted itself out around teatime – so all’s well.

    Second issue is more serious as this seems to be happening weekly now. When publishing on a schedule, occasionally Shareholic is displaying Home page code, rather than the correct Post code. Today’s article has done this – As lovely as it would be to have had 377 Facebook shares within a couple of hours of posting… I know it’s not true, and is pulled from my Home page. When this has happened in the past, it just suddenly seems to fix itself within the day – but then my individual articles are missing out on share totals, as it all gets tagged on to the Home page total instead.

    When sharing these problem links onto Facebook, the data pulled is also from the home page… So the wrong image, title and description display… but the url is correct.

    Whilst typing – it has all switched back to being correct again. My FB counter is zero, where it would normally be around 15 by now.

    I know that sporadic issues are usually the toughest to fix… but can you offer any advice please?

    Thanks in advance guys!!


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  • Just an update. As I type, the first issue has reared its ugly head again. All buttons have disappeared from my posts, leaving a large white space.

    Really not happy, and hoping that you have this in hand?

    I have now used a replacement for the share buttons as my sharing stats have been seriously impacted by this. I have not uninstalled the plugin, and hope that you guys can sort the incompatibility with Firefox soon… so I can activate them again.
    I shall leave this thread open in the meantime.

    The recent update has sorted this. Thanks!

    Elle x

    Hi Elle,

    I just now read this thread. I apologize for the delay in response. If you run into this issue again, please let us know, and I’ll try to catch it in the act. When the problem occurs, if you could just direct me to a post where you see this issue, so that I can keep an eye on the behavior, that would be great.

    The plugin does hook into your theme, pulling data dynamically from within the loop. It is possible that another plugin or your theme itself could be interfering with Shareaholic and somehow causing this problem. I can’t say for sure, but I am happy to hear that the issue seems to have worked itself out.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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