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  • The gutenberg update this morning scared me so bad I was shaking, and I’m not kidding either. I run my life using wordpress for people, and that update would have come close to RUINING the way I do SEO for clients. It would have made my christmas a nightmare. There is NO WAY Gutenburg is better than the older (original and great) version.

    Sometimes it’s best to simply cut our losses. I once worked on a massive project and after two years, we only barely broke even and had to cut our losses and quit, this is one of those times or it will be the death of wordpress and something better will show up.

    This isn’t one of those times where everyone is telling you to quit and it’s a personal challenge to try harder, it’s a time to quit.

    Love the original wordpress though, much love to you.

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  • Also, a lot of those 5 star reviews are people who ACCIDENTALLY gave 5 stars with their terrible review

    yes.. that’s ironic that most the 5 star reviews actually are 1 star when people read them.. huehue

    Indeed 🙂

    Yeah, right, it took WordPress 15 years to be what it is now, and you think something better is goint to show up just like that…WordPress is no longer a piece of software, it’s an ecosystem that has took many, many years to build. It’s not going to be replaced that easily. If you want a different blogging/cms platform you have many choices, but with the versatility and diversity of the WordPress ecosystem, none of them holds a candle.

    And honestly, you can disable Gutenberg, or have a dual Gutenberg/Classic Editor environment just as easy – Disable Gutenberg plugin is great at that.

    The wordpress moderators have been banning and suspending and flagging accounts that leave poor reviews on this.

    Moderator Marius L. J.


    I can assure you, the volunteer moderators here on the forums have not been suspending and flagging users for leaving poor reviews. We’re extremely protective of users rights to express their experiences.

    What we do not allow are fake accounts leaving reviews to try and sway some imagined popular votes direction, which we’ve unfortunately seen a fair bit of, but no legitimate reviews have been touched. If you do feel that has happened we would love to hear about it in our Slack channel, #forums, where such things are discussed. Please do bring specific links and such though (and don’t paste them on the forums, we’ll not be following up on a bunch of links through the forums as it’s not sustainable).

    I saw a thread where the moderator was clearly upset, and told the person they were being suspended, but I can’t remember which I have read so many.

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