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  • abstract but workable, I do like your imagination and how you’ve developed it. Really good work.

    I don’t know exactly what happened with your archives, but my suspicion is… well, I’ll try to explain starting from the deafult theme.
    There is an archive.php and an archives.php.
    archive.php is called when post are shown by category or month for example.
    archives.php (notice the S at the end) is a Page Template if you want to present a list of monthly archives or category list.
    As it seems to me you are using the code from the archives.php for your archive.php file.
    Hope this helps.

    Very, very nice website. Something I havn’t seen before but it works really well.

    One problem though, your site seems to break down if you lower the resolution (resize window) less than 800px wide.

    Thanks for the comments.

    I dont quite get the archives concept yet (AND Im very computer saavy.. weird).

    So what do I make my link point to (under the Archive image)?
    /archives/ doesnt work. Neither does /archive/


    I’ll get back to you later – I think I know exactly what you need.
    (Though all the answers are in the Codex)

    wow, very good stuff. I like teh way its laid out.

    I would change the blue to something darker though. I think there is too much contrast.

    Can I ask how you manage to update that page using iTunes? I’ve been looking at doing something similar, but have no idea how to go about it.

    Whoa, I love the theme. Very nice and VERY different!


    He probably uses Wp ITunes

    Personally, I never got that to work, but I did get a winamp plugin to work with my site; The plugin is called Silverspider Playlist and is made by Alex Jones

    wow, that looks really nice!

    wow!! the only thing i can write at the moment….have to catch some fresh air 🙂

    very very good work

    Excellent work. I really like that layout idea.

    But I would make it compatible with a 800px screen size.

    i was impressed, i think that is all i can say. Congratulations!

    Thanks for great words guys!
    800px compatibility will come soon. I don’t really like the way I coded the CSS and will redo it soon. Life’s been too busy/stressfull lately and I was out of town for the weekend.

    For the music, I use iTunes + iTunesBlogger which calls on a php file that I’ve created that adds the song to MySQL database. /music/ page is then simply pulling data out of the database.

    It’s very similar with WP iTunes and I would have probably used that code, but didn’t know it existed, so ended up coding my own.

    Ok, the skin is finally all done.

    All the links work and all pages are completely WP controlled.

    Anyone know where I can submit my skin? Thanks

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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