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  • this is the first time I encounter my blog having the side bar placed down below at the very far bottom of the page.

    anyone see that? (please let me know)

    It used to be on the side, my blog was functioning perfectly well, but Wish I knew what just went wrong!?

    arghh I hate editing the themes, couldn’t believe I was able to make it work properly under opera/firefox/IE6. now I think the sidebar is misplaced.

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  • whooami



    2 things.

    first this,

    second, the help wanted image looks too large for that div when I check it using the web dev toolbar.

    99% of these sorts of issues, and they seem to go on and on and on here, are the result of images that are too large OR
    invalid xhtml, or both.

    You cannot shove a 1000 pixel image into a 500 px wide space and not expect something to give. Dimensions used are merely examples, theyre not indicative of what you have done.

    Also, your text is unreadable, if you care to know.

    my text is unreadable? what do you mean

    Well if it has to do with my english, its not my problem, been trying to learn this language since the day I was born, its not my mothers tongue.

    Why not learn my language for a change?

    Come on guy. The text issue is the color of your posts in relation to the background color of your page.

    It is unreadable pure and simple.

    Hang on a second, white background and black text is what i see.

    please dont tell me that the background is missing?

    Edit: My apologies Whoamii, much respect to you sir.



    In IE the background is white with grayish text, in FF the background is grayish with a much lighter grayish text, even more difficult to read. As for your side bar, I suggest you read what Whooami suggested, most of the time it has to do with an image and fixing your validation would help out aswell.

    Good luck 🙂

    I have uploaded the original index.php that was made by the author, my edits and modifications no longer exists.

    still the side bar shows at the bottom, I beleive its because of wordpress, am still using the validation webpage to correct and fix stuff.

    however it tells me if stuff are missing, but they are there, yet i get an error because an element or a symbol does not exist.



    Vepnav. I just downloaded the theme, installed it and had a look at it. Both in IE and FF it looks fine.
    And nope…it has nothing to do with WordPress..just have a look at my test blog at
    So there must be some changes you’ve made that screwed up your blog a bit. I suggest you track back the changes and see if you can fix them first (maybe validating might help aswell).

    yeah, only thing that is left for me is to do as much tracking as possible and fixing them.

    validating and such done, not one single error when i revalidated. still have the problem with the sidebar.

    hmm, ill try cutting code and sticking it back to see what causes the bar to jump left or right.

    Ok now has the classic wordpress theme.

    The problem still occurs, missing background, and shifted sidebar.

    I guess the problem isnt from the theme itself, nor my code, now I know the problem is either:

    1-wordpress (alot say nah)
    2- my imported posts from

    2- my imported posts from

    Ah ha, that’s the ticket




    vepnav, no worries.. I just cant *see* the text very well.

    In firefox, it looks like this:

    hope that helps!

    Marc is it my imported blogs? I have to bump this thread.

    since yesturday, spent 6hrs on fixing my blog.

    now I have 6 different versions of my theme’s index.php.

    4 of which are error free, totaly valid xhtml, not 1 single info or error.

    2 of which has errors, but both are viewed fine under IE and firefox, I just reinstalled my whole blog.

    I realised that the problem had nothing to do with the code, I changed to the classic blue theme by wordpress, the problem still existed, I reinstalled the whole thing, and it worked, but now I reimported my 60 blogs.

    Upon importing my blogs everything IS VIEWED GREAT! but the moment I POST 1 extra item using editing features. the sidebar is forced to the bottom of the page, and when this happens, the FIREfox browser will take away the background.

    this happens with classis theme, no edits. 0 edits
    this happens with edited themes. the error free ones, and the ones with error.

    Could someone please tell me what should I do?

    the background is not showing up because the image dosen’t exist where it should be. your CSS looks for the image in but there is no such image there.

    about the sidebar, i couldn’t help notice that there is no position (relative or absolute) mentioned for it in your stylesheet:

    may be if you fix that it will work.

    also the text is a bit unreadable probably due to minimal contrast between the background and the text colour. but i guess it is because the background image is not showing up properly.

    hope this helps.

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